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Happy Presidents Day, y’all! There are some presidents we love: Lincoln, FDR, and Taft*. There are some presidents we strongly dislike: Buchanan, Andrew Jackson (ugh he sucked so bad in so many ways, including that whole gross-ass cheese thing), Dubya, and the very attractive scoundrel Warren G. Harding. Actually, I’d really like to get into presidential politics in regards to animal welfare and learn about more than just their pets, but I think that’s another post. If you have any thoughts/information on past presidents and animals, please leave them in the comments, or email me. If you know a shit-ton (technical term), perhaps you’d like to write a guest post? We love presidential history! It is the most fun! Except when it’s awful and bloody and racist and sexist and THE WORST.

RELATED: The Humane Society of the United States released a report card for President Obama in regards to his action on animal issues. Want to see his grade? Yeah, you do!

*Based almost entirely on awesomeness of his fat and his pet cow, Pauline Wayne. Not vegan, I know, but he had a pet cow! And he shipped her back to Wisconsin with him because he believed she would “bring dignity to his herd.” I mean, COME ON.

[Pauline pic via Pictzz]

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