Long live Presidio Pet Cemetery!  »

According to the Chronicle, the Presidio Pet Cemetery is now officially safe from being destroyed by the Doyle Drive replacement project. Now the pets can live on to haunt you! Mwuhahahaaa! No, but really, I’m glad the spooky pet cemetery is safe.

It hasn’t been open to new residents since 1963. The pet cemetery’s heyday was in the ’50s, when a good 2,000 families lived on the military base and used it to bury their deceased animal companions. Unfortunately, the cemetery has been neglected and is quite out of shape but thanks to a new partnership with some vets, the cemetery is going to be restored:

The Presidio Trust has announced a new partnership with the Swords to Plowshares Veterans Academy, a supportive housing facility, to maintain and make improvements on the cemetery. The vets will pull weeds, remove invasive plants, trim shrubs, clear trash and restore grave markers for the likes of Happy the tiger fish and Oreo the hamster.

That’s really nice, right? All full-circle and whatnot; the vets preserving the memories of the old military base. We should take a Vegansaur class trip there once it’s been fixed up! OMG get your permission slips ready!

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