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Orange-carrot-pineapple amazingness. Fund the Kickstarter so I can have more!

Back in February, Jenny told us about how much she swooned over the raw, pressed juice at Pressed Juicery in Los Angeles. But who says only California should get all the good new-age cleansing stuff? Behold: To Colorado’s up-and-coming vegan scene, two Denver vegans are trying to add the magic of fancy, orgasmic juice. I say, Rejoice and drink juice! Also fund their Kickstarter campaign; this stuff doesn’t fall from trees!

Source Juice is the brainchild of Jaclyn and Chris Webb, a vegan couple who basically got obsessed with juicing, wanting to take it to the next level, and realized they couldn’t buy cold-pressed juice anywhere in the state. So they bought a fancy juicer and plan to bottle and sell the stuff at Denver’s monthly pop-up vegan market, yoga studios, farmer’s markets, etc.—all the places people willing to pay for uber-delicious organic juice might flock. Plus home delivery for the lazy bums. 

Jaclyn gave me a little bottle of this stuff, and it’s GOOD. To quote my husband Danny: “I want to drink this juice until it comes out my eyeballs.” My other favorite thing about the project is how boot-strappy it is. The vegan scene out here in Denver is so gosh-darn scrappy and full of initiative! People don’t wait for venture capital funding or whatever, they just make things happen in a small way. And so even though we don’t have the vast selection of restaurants available in SF, LA, or NY, it makes me feel like I’m part of a movement or something. 

So even if you don’t live in Colorado, consider pitching in a few bucks (the campaign ends on Friday, April 13). And if you know anyone in the area, pass this along to make it happen. JUICE!!!

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