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From our Laura at Jezebel comes this sweet story of little Lily the therapy puppy and her brand-new paw (maybe!):

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Per Laura:

She’s an adorable pup who’s missing a paw due to complications at birth. However, that doesn’t hold Lily back! She’s currently training to be a therapy dog to humans who use prosthetic limbs. To relate better to her friends, she’s being fitted for her own prosthetic paw. If she likes it, she’ll be an inspiration to people using prosthetics. If she doesn’t like it, she has an awesome new chew toy. Win/win.

Lily rules without her paw, and she’ll rule with it, should she choose to use a prosthetic. Either way, therapy dogs are the best and we love them, the humans they help, and the humans who put them together. Oh, how our hearts are warmed.


Animal Place has a new family member! This is Carmen, a poor little lamb whose broken, infected leg needed to be amputated. Luckily, she has a new leg and a new lease on life! Huzzah! I didn’t realize sheep were so sensitive. Her mom was scared of Carmen and now the new flock is scared of her special leg! She seems spunky enough for the challenge though. I think she will make friends! This reminds me of the little elephant who needed the prosthetic leg from late last year.

You can contribute to Carmen’s continued care by donating over at Animal Place. May all the baby animals get all the legs they need!


This dog has bionic legs! It’s crazy, like the future happened at some point while my face was stuck in a giant bowl of chocolate soy ice cream!

The poor dog lost his feet as a puppy when his evil cruel humans abandoned him in the Nebraska winter and he got frozen into a puddle (note to self: don’t stand in puddles in Nebraska in the winter). But loving wonderful humans helped him out and now he’s got FOUR prosthetic legs and seems to be a very happy guy. Though awkward. But awkward is cute.

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