Adorable Girl and Puppy Say ‘No’ to Puppy Mills

What happens when you combine the cutest little girl and the cutest dog in one video? You can watch it above.

The ASPCA launched a new campaign at, where they encourage visitors not to purchase products or animals from pet stores, many of which breed through puppy mills.

Instead, contact your local shelter. You might just rescue the newest member of your family!

Sorry, I can’t boycott pet stores that sell animals (anymore); I’ve died of cute overload.


It’s time for another installment of ALDF's “30 Second Animal Law,” this time featuring acclaimed professional cyclist Levi Leipheimer! Hi, Levi! Hi, Levi’s rescued chihuahua, Scooter! Aren’t you two just the cutest things? And you’re absolutely right, puppy mills are the worst. Rescue a dog, save a life!

For more videos of Levi and Scooter, visit ALDF.


Sad news: Billy the puppymill survivor passed away.   »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

We were immediately taken with Billy the minute we saw him. That face is just too much and the conditions he came from are so terrible, it’s hard not to melt when you see him happy. We are very sad to hear that he passed away. But like the video says, we are consoled a little by the fact that he had such a good home in the end. That’s the most we humans can do for these poor abused pups, right? Try to make their time on earth as happy as possible. We are grateful Billy got to experience what it’s like to be loved and cared for. 

We will miss you, little guy!


Part two of the SF SPCA’s anti-puppy mill campaign!  »

Remember when Megan gave you the heads up about the new SF SPCA anti-puppy mill campaign? Well, part two has been unveiled in downtown San Francisco, and is available for you to see until Friday afternoon!

Krista Maloney of the SF SPCA says, “We’ve installed a ‘puppy bin’ in the highly trafficked plaza at the intersection of Sacramento and Drumm streets, near Embarcadero Center. The bin looks like a typical newspaper stand, except the glass front is a video of puppies. Within the bin is The Canine Tribune, featuring articles about puppy mills. It will remain there until 3 p.m. on Friday, May 4.”

This is a brief video of reactions of passersby as they check out the puppy bin.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Go see it for yourself, on your lunch break or something!

You can see that Megan Rascal’s Figgy is concerned. Those puppies are his peeps, yo!  He would go see the campaign himself, but he’ll have to settle for the video, as he resides on the East Coast [though he says hi to his BBDO SF homie Ian!].


Your government loves puppies again!  »

Everyone loves puppies. Politicians love puppies! Or at least, they hate them less than they hate you, because California Governor Jerry Brown signed S.B. 917 into law this week, and now the puppies are saved! Or at least, puppies and also kittens and also other pet-type animals can no longer be sold from public property like parking lots and streets. This is supposed to cut down on puppy mills and puppy-mill-type operations, which are obviously terrible and disgusting.

The law also increases the penalties for perpetrators of animal abuse! Now being convicted of cruelty to animals “is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or in the state prison, or by a fine of not more than $20,000, or by both that fine and imprisonment.” Better than before.

California is full of chickens living in horrible conditions laying top-quality California eggs and also cows being forced to produce milk to make California cheese that must be the most amazing food on the planet, considering the way people go on about it. It does seem that, incrementally, our representatives are making it less terrible for our domesticated animals; maybe it’s not all bad everywhere all the time.

[Apple and Lil Jack are both totally adorable and totally adoptable, if you are looking for a puppy on which to lavish all your affection]


“Mass dog breeding through ‘puppy mills’ is big business.” —Wisconsin state Rep. Don Pridemore, a Republican, defending his proposed bill to ease regulations on the state’s puppy mills. (Cute dog photo via andrewmorrell)

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“Mass dog breeding through ‘puppy mills’ is big business.” —Wisconsin state Rep. Don Pridemore, a Republican, defending his proposed bill to ease regulations on the state’s puppy mills. (Cute dog photo via andrewmorrell)

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Victory for puppy mill protestors in California!  »

A bit of good news for a change! Best Friends Animal Society had a victory against a mall and their evil, puppy-selling pet shop Barkworks. Los Angeles County Superior Court previously ruled that protestors could be relegated to a far-off corner of the mall and couldn’t protest around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then the California Court of Appeal was like, WTF? That’s BS! The protestors are exercising free speech! Except they said it more like this: “In general, the right of free speech in California entitles a person or group to protest a business in a shopping mall within aural and visual range of that business with no blackout days.” This rules!

This doesn’t just rule for animals though! As Best Friends’ attorney explains, ‘[it’s] a victory for every protester targeting any store in any mall throughout California, as the same rules apply throughout the state.” As someone who’s been illegally arrested for protesting (the death penalty—see, I have other interests), I’m like, hell yeah! Let’s go protest something! I can’t decide which store at the mall to protest first but I’m thinking of protesting Cinnabon. They aren’t vegan, and that makes me mad. They always make me smell their stupid buns that I can’t eat! They are infringing on my right to free-smell. This aggression will not stand!


Fallout from Missouri’s puppy mill proposition has already begun!  »

The big election doesn’t happen for six more days, but the threat of Prop. B ending canine slavery in Missouri puppy mills has already shut down some breeders. OK, technically it was a massive investigation by the Humane Society of the United States, but the horrors HSUS revealed is definitely helping the case for Prop. B.

HSUS released its report on Missouri’s worst puppy mills [pdf] on Tuesday, Oct. 5, awarding Mettoville Kennels/”Teacher’s Pets” a Dishonorable Mention for the horrible “treatment”/neglect of their dogs—800 purebred, popular, pedigree dogs that the owners would sell to a broker, who then sold the puppies to our favorite places: pet stores. On Friday, Oct. 1, Teacher’s Pets and another massive puppy mill, Conrad’s Cuddly Canines—not named in the report—announced they were going out of business, and would sell all their stock in a two-day auction on Oct. 29 and 30. Combined, that’s 800 dogs who need homes! Animal rescue groups naturally freaked out; what if other, profitable puppy mills bought up the dogs? Compared to the “Dirty Dozen” the HSUS report focused on, these two prisons were luxury retreats. Obviously the rescue groups had to buy all 800 dogs.

Rescue groups have been working like crazy throughout October to get the funds and foster homes to be able to save all the soon-to-be-homeless dogs and puppies. They’ve arranged for veterinarians to do onsite examinations, innoculations, and spaying or neutering. Still, even if some dogs go for as little as $5, the medical and transportation costs won’t fluctuate, and these groups need help. You can click on any of the following links to donate to various rescue groups, including Something Special Castaways Rescue of Missouri; Paws For a Cause of Minnesota; and multi-state AdoptALab, which is getting extra help from Boston Baked Bonz: the company will match all donations to AdoptALab made before the auction begins on Friday, Oct. 29.

This is super last-minute, which is really annoying; also annoying is how much work it took to find news about this massive dog auction. Three articles about it, total. If you have a few spare dollars, toss them to one of the rescue groups—even $5 could save a dog from going back into a puppy mill, and that’s huge. Not to get too Sally Struthers here, but if your choice is between a beer and saving the life of a dog who has only known misery and pain, maybe forgo the beer this one time?

We’ll let you know the results of the auction as soon as we get them. Cross your fingers all 800 little animals get rescued. Cross some more fingers that Missourians pass Prop. B next week, so no more dogs suffer like these poor articles have.


Vegan action alert: Solano County SPCA needs help RIGHT NOW!!  »

Hey Vegansaurus readers! Eve at the SF Appeal calls our attention to a serious situation at the Solano County SPCA! On Thursday, Dec. 17, 83 puppies were rescued from California Pets & Supply in Dixon, which appears to have been a front for a pretty big puppy mill operation. The shelter presently has 100 total dogs and puppies from that rescue operation, some as young as six weeks old, and is in dire need of supplies and money.

The SCSPCA requests the following
Cleaning Supplies
Simple Green
scrub brushes
newspaper (without shiny ads)
large trash bags
gloves (latex or non-latex)
shop vac

Puppy Care

blankets, towels, sheets, &c.
carpet squares
puppy shampoo
puppy food (Kirkland brand from Costco, or Healthwise)
puppy toys (used is fine as long as they are clean)
food and water dishes, preferably that can clip to the side of a kennel
water bottles (rabbit-cage size)
Polar fleece

heating pads
laundry detergent
dish soap
crates/kennels of any size
gift certificates to any pet store, Costco or Sam’s Club

Bring these supplies to the SCSPCA at 2200 Peabody Rd. in Vacaville, or donate online. For further information, call 707.448.7722 or email.

[Ed. note: Of course, give your conscience; if you aren’t comfortable donating non-vegan items, choose other things! It’s most important to help out these poor, sick, little baby puppies, right? Of course it is.]


Dane with a mission  »

One of my favorite dogs on twitter is @Mozartdane. Yes there are dogs on twitter and yes I have a favorite one. Why is Mozart my favorite? Because he’s an amazing artist! Mozart is a puppy mill rescue dog who now lives at the Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue in Ohio and it’s there where he discovered his love of painting. Mozart sells his paintings on his website and all proceeds go to the dog rescue.

Here’s his artist mission statement:

I am the Harlequin Haven Great Dane

Rescue Spokesdog against puppy mills pet stores, and homeless dogs. I have dedicated my life to this cause and in doing so I create art by painting with my paws. Painting helps me to overcome my pain of my early days in a puppy mill and also helps with bringing awareness to these issues.

Mozart came from one of the MANY Amish country puppy mills that are all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. People think the Amish are all nice just because they don’t use electricity—it’s just not true! I mean I’m sure there are nice Amish people, but Amish country hosts some of the largest and most horrifying puppy mills in the United States. It’s madness! Good thing Mozart is here to raise awareness.

This painting is one of my favorites: “Dane-berry Fields,” $65.

And if you aren’t ready to buy a painting, Mozart also sells great stuff like this bandanna, modeled by my cat Mitsy. It’s signed by Mozart himself! Awesome.

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