SF SPCA starts new campaign against puppymills and we like it!  »

The SF SPCA has a new anti-puppymill campaign and it’s pretty cool so far, and they promise more cool stuff to come! They’ve partnered with ad agency BBDO to create this great fake puppymill ad. I know some nice BBDO people in their New York office; this is the same agency that ingeniously autocorrects monkeys out of their writers’ scripts.

This campaign was inspired by some sad discoveries the SF SPCA made:

A recent SF SPCA survey of San Francisco dog owners showed that buying online was the number-one place where people got their dogs. The survey showed that approximately 30 percent of puppies purchased in San Francisco are from puppy mills. 51 percent of those who purchased dogs online would not knowingly purchase from a puppy mill, yet 19 percent don’t know about puppy mills; hence the need for education.  

Jeez louise. Puppymills are so depressing. I’m worried my Figgy came from a one but I have no idea. He was a purebred-looking stray in Pennsylvania—home of the Amish puppymill industry. As you probably know, if they don’t sell them as puppies, puppymills have no use for male dogs. The females can be turned into baby-machines, but the boys? Why spend effort and money taking care of bunch of male dogs you brought into the world when one or two can impregnate all the girl dogs on their own? They usually just kill the extra males (and we’re not talking euthanasia!), but maybe Fig broke free and set out on his own. Totally Fivel of him. 


The puppy you bought on the internet came from a puppymill. Fucking duh. 

I’m astounded at the way many people go about getting a dog. I hate breeders but if someone is going to buy a dog, they should research the breeder and visit the facility. How can you just order one online? A dog is not a sweater! Plus, you might get a gremlin or something. Jeez Louise. 

Check out HSUS for more info and to send an email to the USDA!


Top 10 links of the week: A slinky catwalk through the sexy hallways of veganism!  »

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

[Now THAT is a bird video. It made my sister cry]

First up: Why Eating Animals is a Social Justice Issue by Malenie Joy.


A vending machine that dispenses meat. What. The fuck. 

Um…sex with animals linked to penis cancer. You heard me. 

Britain Some British conservationists want to make an island for orangutans! HOW MUCH DO I WANT TO GO THERE?

The Gothamist has the best news! For me! Cinnamon Snail will soon be making rounds in New York! Huzzah! Exclamation point!

Another from The Gothamist, NYC’s pet shops are filled with puppymill dogs. Adoy!

From Refinery 29, uggo sweaters for the 1%! Lots of wool, lots of fur, lots of fug. 

Turns out, elephants in the Eastern Congo are dying due to human conflict more than anything else. Shit is effed.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero are getting love in The New York Times for their book, Vegan Pie in the Sky: 75 Out-of-this-World Recipes for Pies, Tarts, Cobblers and More  Go ‘head, ladies!


There’s no happy Mother’s Day for puppymill moms  »

Did you know it is currently Puppymill Action Week? Neither did I. Now we both do, and knowledge is straight up mother-loving power.

As Mother’s Day approaches, the Humane Society wants you to think of all the mothers of those cute pet store puppies. They are stuck in wire cages their whole lives, outside, getting peed on, with sores on their feet and not a single bit of love. I never understand how these people who buy dogs and love these dogs never think of their dogs’ moms? If you love your dog, you should care about the mom too, no? Your dog probably loved his mom a lot.

The Humane Society got Colbie Caillat to speak out against puppymills:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

She’s that chick whose songs get like stuck in your head for days even if you just hear it for half a second, right? She totally is. You can get on board with Caillat by signing this pledge.

They have a different thing for you to do every day. Today we are supposed to urge Congress to support a bill to protect dogs in puppymills. Get on it, troops! Puppymills totally blow!


Congressman adopts the most adorable yorkie ever! This video is so cute, I’m half dead. Congressman Michael Grimm had been working with the Humane Society to find the right rescue dog for him when they finally settled on Sebastian, a little puppy-mill rescue. It seems this Grimm character is an animal hero! From the Humane Society:

The personal is the political in Washington, and we are grateful that Rep. Grimm introduced H.R. 198, legislation enabling shelter dogs to become part of a pilot program for military veteran therapy and rehabilitation. Mr. Grimm is also is co-sponsoring the PUPS Act (Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act) to crack down on puppy mills. That’s a bill HSUS is determined to pass in this Congress, as part of our broader effort to turn around the puppy mill problem in America. Now, Rep. Grimm has a special incentive and case example to help drive that policy reform forward.

That’s all very interesting BUT LOOK AT THAT PUPPY! Ridiculous. See now why couldn’t Obama follow through with his adoption idea? Why are the men in my life ALWAYS LETTING ME DOWN?! Speaking of letdowns: Grimm is a Republican. Rip my heart out, why don’t you!


Stop eBay from selling live animals  »

According to, while eBay does not allow animals to be auctioned, they do allow animal sales in their classified section. I took a look and as you can see by the above screen-grab, it looks like puppy mill central. They also have adoptable animals, but the majority seem to be puppies like the ones above. Hey everybody! Three to four million cats and dogs are euthanized by shelters each year! ADOPT already!!! Good grief.

I know what you’re thinking: “Megan Rascal, what can I do?” Well, dear friends, sign this petition, for one  

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