Matt & Nat mega-sale happening right this very moment!  »

Miss the last one? Yo, there’s another Matt and Nat sale at Pure Citizen and it goes through Friday! Deep discount on sexiness, y’all. Love that bag above BUY IT FOR ME. You know we make hardly nothing running this site for you, right? The very least you could do is buy me a fly-ass handbag so I can walk down the street knocking fools over with it. 

Some other favorites!

This J Lo-esque wallet (Remember, she must have ALL WHITE in her dressing rooms. Man, reading that is so fun!):

This skinny belt (WORK IT):

This baby blue hotness:



Matt & Nat, Vaute Couture on sale at Pure Citizen!  »

Pure Citizen, which is like Gilt Groupe for eco/humane/fair-trade/etc. companies, is featuring vegan products! Every week they choose a nonprofit to highlight, and this week’s is Peta, so all their merchandise is vegan. Vaute Couture stuff is on sale until tomorrow; Matt and Nat until Friday, Feb. 11 (the sales last 72 hours). They also have a sale on cool vegan perfume company A Perfume Organic—I’m into their graphic design.

You have to register to even look at the stuff but it’s super-simple, you just have to put in your name. Bam! Easier than spotting a beard in Williamsburg. Still annoying but they say that’s the only way they can offer these LOW, LOW PRICES! So just register already, GOD.

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