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Look at that picture! There was delicious vegan ice cream inside the coconuts all along, and it took the geniuses who work at Purely Decadent on faraway Turtle Mountain to discover it!

These guys are so smart! They cornered the market on vegan cookie dough ice cream before anybody else. Seriously, this is probably my most wished-for ice cream flavor ever, and it is such a no-brainer! Why did it take this long?

Regardless, I’m glad they waited, because coconuts make the best ice cream and I can’t imagine cookie dough would go as well with soy. This stuff is soft, rich, creamy, delicious, all those things.

I think maybe it tastes like dairy but I don’t really remember what dairy tastes like. It might even be good for you, but I only read the ingredients, not the “Nutrition” “Facts.” It’s gluten-free, too, which made me slightly wary at first, but it’s not gross at all in that gluten-free way. It’s gross in the way you stuff your face with it.

Their competitors at Coconut Bliss (also very very delicious) had better look out, because this stuff is comparably good, and cheaper, too.

I can’t get over it—all this time! Ice cream! INSIDE the coconuts! Where do these grow? On which island paradise? Once I find it, that’s where I’ll be, cavorting with the natives and lazily plucking ice cream coconuts from the trees whenever the mood strikes. Look for me there, I’ll be the one cavorting!

[photo illo by the author

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