Della: vegan, socially responsible accessories and tech cases!  »


Della is a socially responsible fashion line that provides jobs, education and skills training to women and men of Hohoe, Ghana. So the company sounds pretty amazing, but the bags also look super cute! And I just so happen to need a little sleeve for my bitty work computer! AND 30% of all sales for THIS WEEK are being donated to PETA! It’s DESTINY. So I bought this cute vintage coral one. I’m in love. 


No really, this is just what I was looking for. I have a giant bag with a big open interior. So far, I just shove my work macbook in when I need to bring it home but I’m always like, “this seems like the worst idea ever.” Well, never no more! I now have a perfect responsibly-made macbook sleeve to protect it.

And as I was saying, the company looks really awesome. It was started by an LA designer and an entrepreneur in Ghana as a way to help the women of the Hohoe community. The women who make the Della products not only make a fair wage, they also take classes in literacy and finance. You can read all about it on their site. Here’s a little peek inside the company:

If you are looking for a cute bag, laptop case, headband, or THIS FREAKING AWESOME POCKET SQUARE, check out Della! And if you want to support PETA, this is the week to shop!


Fair-wage vegan accessories—you can help make them possible!  »

You guessed it! It’s your weekly vegan crowd funding effort. I think you’ll like this one! Miss Manos is a project to help women in Costa Rica make a good wage by making animal friendly handbags! Here’s their mission statement:

Empowering women and improving their quality of life through a shared initiative. A fair-wage sewing venture that creates beautiful eco and animal friendly handbags and accessories. 

I know, you’re in love. Well if you want to help, better do it quickly! They have 40-some hours left to meet their goal!

I have to see if I can get that brown one without the flower thing. I love the clutch shape and asymmetrical front flap. Not the flower though. OMG and I love the color!

But there’s lots of fun rewards for donations so check them out and donate if you can/want! 


Claret makes cute vegan handbags!  »

Claret only has three bags in the collection at the moment but I’m pretty into them. And the bag above is $140 so the price isn’t that bad. I love the design details. I’m excited to see what they’ll make in the future! 


Spotted: New vegan handbag line Freedom Of Animals  » just posted about this brand new vegan company Freedom Of Animals and my dear sis-in-law sent it my way. My sis-in-law is a fashion designer and totally the arbiter of good taste so I was very stoked. Of course, the bag above is $480. So now you are probably like, “screw you, Megan Rascal, screw you!” But I got to keep you in the loop on advances in vegan fashion. 

You’ll like the company too:

Freedom Of Animals bags are sustainably sourced and consciously made. Our fabrics comply with EPA guidelines. No harsh chemicals were used in any of our products and we are 100% cruelty free.

Sound good? Sounds good! My favorite is the Melia Lia above. This pic from their site is also my favorite too:



So Necessary: 55K Crocodile skin backpack from the Olsen Twins. Yes.  »


This edition of So Necessary is brought to you by the Olsen twins. This backpack the two young women just unveiled is priced at $55,000 and made from the skin of Nile crocodiles. How rude indeed. 

It may surprise you to hear that animals bred specifically to be skinned for accessories aren’t generally treated very humanely. Shocker, I know. But need a reminder? I have one for you (warning: this gets the coveted graphic as fuck rating):

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

For those not watching the movie—and I don’t blame you—it’s the usual stuff: torture, animals being skinned alive, blatant cruelty and inhumanity. But obvi this bag is totes worth it. And I didn’t even address the prescription meds decorating it. How completely out-of-the-box! No really, it’s truly, truly outrageous. Good job Olsens, I dub thee scumbags. 

Via Ecorazzi


CoraLlei: Beautiful vegan handbags!  »

The Ellie

Everyone, I’m in love! Don’t worry, it’s not with a person—my emotional wall is still intact. I’m in love with these super-lovable vegan purses from CoraLlei! From Irish designer Lorna Burton, these bags aren’t just beautiful, they are also environmentally friendly:

Conscious of the environmental and social impact of her designs, Lorna Burton’s CoraLlei collection places paramount importance on ethics and sustainability. She uses only sustainable fabrics, packaging, textiles and manufacturing techniques where possible.

Ranging from 220 to 390, I won’t be owning one of these anytime soon (dang U.S. dollar!), but it’s nice to dream. Which is your favorite? Tell me!

The Isabella

The Bow

The Béla


Get this Groupon for a sweet vegan bag!  »

Social couponing: It is a real epidemic affecting our children! And also me! But at least it’s cheapish, and when it’s explicitly vegan, all the better — raising awareness and shit.

So PEEP IT: Sacs of Life (teehee, “sacs,” also, hi, I’m five years old) is offering this Groupon deal for a $19 (usually pushing $70!) cross-body bag/tote thing, your choice of four different colors. It’s kind of a weird shape, but I dunno, I like it? I got the olive one and I’m gonna wear it every day on my bike so I quit dirtying up my nice yellow Melie Blanco.

Better yet, this deal is ONLINE, SUCKAS, so there’s no location-based excuse for you not to buy it. And I saved the best for last: IT COMES WITH A GOD-DAMNED TOTE, Y’ALL. Use it for your groceries and shit.

There are only two days and some change left to buy it, so do it to it, bag lovers, before I buy all of them and keep them all to myself and rule the Sacs of Life universe forever and ever, muahahahahaaaa. Do you guys think I have a conquering fetish? JUST WONDERING.


More vegan ways to blow your paycheck: Compassion Couture!  »

I know I’m a little late reporting but I just have to put in a good word for this online shop, Compassion Couture. It’s adorbs. It was started by two sisters who I’m guessing are adorbs too. They don’t have a ton of stuff but it’s well curated so what they do have is dope. I’m into these Olsen Haus shoes. I couldn’t wear them because I get cranky if the heels are over two inches. But if you wear them, I’ll totally hit on you.

Of course we all know Olsen Haus but they also have some brands I’ve never seen, especially in the purse department. Have you guys heard of Dialog? Well I hadn’t. Kind of wacky but I’m into it. They also have those Reveal iPad cases that I want! Why does no one think I’m important enough to have an iPad? Damn it! I need one! Angry Birds is so tiny on my iPhone!

[P.S. Have you bought your super-sexy Vegansaurus shirt yet? They’re going fast!]


Vegan bags from Melie Bianco!  »

I guess I’m late to the game because I had never heard of Melie Bianco but I saw these bags on and dudes, I’m into them. I think. Well, I’m definitely into the clutch below but we have to see what Cally says for the official word. And I know some of you get concerned about wearing stuff that looks like leather even if it’s faux, but I don’t think anyone will mistake this for real leather. Will they? On the environmental tip, I’m not sure how high they score but their site says they try to use every piece of fabric they have. I hear there’s a lot of that type of waste in modern production. And they wear sweaters instead of turning up the heat in the winter. So, there’s that.

So, we will wait for Cally to weigh in but in the meantime, what do we think?


Matt & Nat releases Ikat Line for Charity Water  »

Dudes, how much do I need this purse? Definitely more than I need $165! Well, maybe not. But I also need a boyfriend and we are having a special sale for the low low price of $165! I love a man who buys me pretty things that donate to charity: “With each purchase of our limited edition Ikat bags, MATT & NAT will donate $21 to charity water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. One bag can give one person access to clean safe drinking water.” Pretty purses that save people? Tell me they also make vegan mac and cheese and you’ve hit the trifecta!

This is my favorite of the line because I’m all about the wristlet. I can’t be bothered with purses I have to actually look after! I gotta be dancing and whatnot—I can’t be weighed down. Slip this baby on your wrist and don’t miss a single gesticulation!

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