Adopt these adorable bunnies!  »

They’re adorable and kid friendly! Here’s the info, plus photos. Which is all you really need because LOOK AT THEM: 

1) The buns are currently in Santa Barbara but we will adopt out to anywhere as long as there’s transport available! Can you help with transportation?
2) They are all white, New Zealand rabbits, about 1 year-old, and further information about each of the buns can be found on Blue Skies Animal Sanctuary’s website.
3) The best way for people to contact us is through the contact form on our website or via email.


Five minutes of snuggling baby bunnies! This is “Baby Bunnies with an Epic Sountrack,” by Ian Elwood. If you loved this (and what kind of heartless bastard doesn’t love baby bunnies), you’ll love all his videos, they’re sweet and heartwarming.

About this video, Ian says:

These babies were born shortly after rescue at the municipal shelter, so the birth couldn’t be prevented. Momma bunny was confiscated by animal control from an Oakland resident who was raising them in squalid conditions for meat.  The local animal rescue community intervened, and we were able to save all of the rabbits from slaughter. Here are (depressing) photos and a newscast from that situation.

Oakland is considering allowing residents to keep rabbits in their backyard as “farm animals.” And we all know what that means. Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter is working hard to protect all of Oakland’s animals, please support this important work by following on Facebook.

This video will be on loop all day at Vegansaurus HQ, and for ALL TIME in our hearts. Thanks, Ian!


Celebrate Easter by attending a bunny adoption on Saturday!  »

Our pals at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary are having another bunny adoption on Saturday, and you should go! Got the Easter Bunny fever? Meet some actual bunnies, get more information about how totally great rabbits are and whether one would make an awesome new best friend for you! (Hint: Probably.)

Harvest Home wants to note that they have a “no same-day adoptions” rule, so you won’t be going home with a bunny on Saturday, though you will most likely want to take them all and feed them strawberries and carrot greens, but that would put your heart at serious risk of exploding from cuteness, so, no dice. Instead, you can meet some cool rabbits, learn about what bunnies need from a human, and maybe start the adoption process so that someday soon you will be romping with your bun. Like Bugsy up here!

This event runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 7, at the Tri-Valley SPCA at 4651 Gleason Dr. in Dublin. As always, there’ll be bunny speed-dating and nail-trimming for you lucky people who already have rabbits.

Preview some of the adoptable rabbits here, and contact Harvest Home for more information.


Get ready to drop dead of adorableness: It’s highlights from the Rabbit Grand National! Bunnies doing hurdles! Bless you, The Cute Show, for bringing us this thing of beauty and wonder. I feel like I’ve found my calling and it’s training bunnies to jump over stuff fast.

Now, I did wonder if this was especially good for rabbits. I know that things like obstacle courses can be enriching for dogs, but shy little bunnies? So, I consulted with rabbit expert (and vegan we love) Anne Martin. And she gives it her OK! Anne says:

That video is pretty adorable!  I think rabbit show jumping is OK, as long as the rabbits have good lives as companions while they’re not jumping hurdles (and it sounds like these women in the video love their rabbits, and have them live inside), and rabbits aren’t being killed/disposed of if they’re not champion jumpers or that their “titles” were being used by breeders to sell rabbits (I don’t think you have to worry about that here).

I think it’s a good video to share—it shows how rabbits are intelligent, agile, and not the stereotypical bunny-in-the-backyard-hutch-that-is-so-depressed-he-just-sits-there-and-waits-for-nothing-forever.

Here’s a website with great info on how to clicker train your rabbit, for those who might be interested in training their rabbit to jump hurdles, after they watch the competition video!

The only caveat I would put on the clip is that they show rabbits in cages with wood shavings—the phenols from the wood can cause liver damage, so House Rabbit Society recommends avoiding shavings.  Also, spayed/neutered rabbits will use a litterbox, so don’t need “bedding” all over their cages like that—check out my handout on safe alternatives to pine shavings [pdf].

Thanks, Anne! Isn’t she the best? If you have the bunny-jumping fever, there are, in Anne’s words, a bajillion rabbits on Petfinder in a location near you. If you need me, I’ll be watching this video on repeat until my brain explodes from cuteness.


The House Rabbit Society would like to remind you that your new best friends, bunnies, are just waiting for you to meet them. Do you read the HRS newsletter? It’s great! In this month’s, we learn about a garden work party happening on Saturday, March 10, some upcoming movies, classes, and lunches (vegan!), and meet a few of the newest foster bunnies living at HRS HQ in Richmond, Calif.

You can keep yourself in adoptable bunny photos, videos, and news by subscribing to the House Rabbit Society newsletter. Because if I haven’t said it enough, bunnies are the best.


Adopt a bunny at the East Bay SPCA on Saturday!  »

It’s another multiple-organization (woo woo) rabbit adoption event! Meet and greet bunnies from Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Hayward Animal Services, Tri-City Animal Shelter, and Bananas for Bunnies rabbit rescue. As always, you can also bring your fixed rabbit for help with matchmaking and free nail trims, get advice from rabbit experts, and purchase some bun-accessories. Plus, you can feed the rabbits fresh greens! If you haven’t watched a rabbit eat a big old carrot-top, you haven’t lived.

All the fun happens from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the East Bay SPCA Tri-Valley Adoption Center, at 4651 Gleason Dr. in Dublin. Contact them at (925) 479.9670 with any questions, and get ready to have fun with some adorable buns! Like Sidney, a male mini rex mix, who kindly agreed to lend his image to this post.

PS: You can preview the adoptable rabbits at each organization’s site: Harvest Home at PetFinder; Hayward Animal Services at Pet Harbor; Tri-City Animal Shelter at Pet Harbor; and Bananas for Bunnies.


This is ridiculous! Run, rabbit, run! Why is this rabbit chasing these sheep?! He’s cray! And why are these sheep so scared of a little rabbit?! JK, I’m scared of this rabbit too! He’s nuts!

First I thought the song was cute, then I thought it was about eating rabbits, then I realized it’s actually about trying to prevent rabbits from being eaten. I’m just letting you know so you can save yourself that emotional journey. 


Just a big lop hopping around to Feist. Thanks for pushing all of my nurturing buttons, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. I’ll be ping-ponging between wanting babies and wanting bunnies for the rest of the day.


Home for the Holidays: a Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary bunny adoption event!  »

Congratulations, you now have Saturday plans! After you eat ALL OF THE FOOD at Bomb Vegan Brunch, get over to Tri-Valley East Bay SPCA for their last adoption event of the year! There will be rabbits from Harvest Home, the House Rabbit Society, Hayward Animal Services, Tri-City Animal Shelter, and Bananas for Bunnies. Our pal Anne Martin says that “rabbit experts will be on-hand” to answer your rabbit questions, give your bunnies free nail trims, help your bun find a friend (spayed/neutered bunnies only!) with rabbit speed-dating, or help you “meet and adopt the rabbit of your dreams.”

The Tri-Valley East Bay SPCA is located at 4651 Gleason Dr. in Dublin, Calif., and Home for the Holidays will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Anne says that as a bonus, the first five visitors will receive a free package of Go Max Go’s Cleo’s peanut butter cups. Vegan chocolate and bunnies, what could be better? Contact Harvest Home with any (non-rhetorical) questions.

These two bunnies are called Rosie and Pringles, and they are a pair of darlings who love dandelion greens and carrots, and are looking for their forever home. Adopt them on Saturday! Give yourself an early winter-holiday gift, and give one to some darling needy rabbits, too. Have a heart, home a bunny! See you on Saturday!


Hello, friends! It’s WTF Wednesday!  »

Mark is the cranky one.

You guys, I had a really good week in Modesto. I was really concerned about what I would do so I brought along every craft, portable video game system and textbook that I needed to write a lecture from. Then I spent my time eating Field Roast and napping. And abusing NSAIDs. I even got through about 10 hours of Final Fantasy VII before I realized that the entire game was approximately six hundred hours long and decided that I just could not make the commitment. When I told Allen this he said ” that game cost seven dollars. You’d better finish it!” Then he went back to watching 27 Dresses on non-cable television.

Allen loves to watch movies on TV, even though the movies he watches are movies he owns on DVD. In fact, they are movies I bought him on DVD. During the past week he has watched Up twice and been excited and surprised every time it came on. This is a movie that Allen owns the special-edition of and is still in its packaging. When I mention Allen’s behavior to him, he just says that watching movies on TV is fun, and that I need to either lighten up or finish the game I paid $7 for. Because nothing makes more sense than a person who will chastise me for not finishing a video game but will happily watch movies that he has paid for and that are five feet away from him on network television with frequent commercial interruptions. The result of this logic makes my head explode and Allen has to face the consequences of putting it back together and screwing it back on to my shoulders.

Consequences, by the way, are really important. While trolling around the Internet during a pre-nap relaxation hour I found out that one of the consequences of messing with a cat is getting the shit beaten out of you. I really hope that the little monster in this video has to watch this on a daily basis, because it will teach him two important things. First of all, don’t hit living things even if you perceive that they are weaker than you; second, those living things might fight back. No matter what logic you use, it is impossible to blame the cat for giving the kid what he deserved. One time, I reached into Bunny’s cage when she was sleeping and she bit me so hard I almost blacked out. You know what I learned from that? Not to disturb her when she is sleeping. What I hope this kid learns is that you don’t try to squash a cat with your fist. What I hope this kid’s parents learn is not to videotape their kid crying, and perhaps invite him to a visit with a practicing therapist. If you’re jonesing for a video where the cat is the aggressor, scroll down the same page and watch an adorable middle-aged baby get sucker-punched like a boss.

Besides douchebag babies, animals also seem to hate phones. Check them freaking the fuck out when commercials for the iPhone come on (animals are very cost-conscious) and kicking over the phone when it rings and disturbs their beauty rest. That is totally something I would do if I were a pet, too. Just knock shit over to let my people know that I do not have Stockholm syndrome. Ms. Cleo’s been doing that a lot. That and not letting me change her litterbox. I swear, every time I go to empty it she freaks out like I am stealing precious diamonds from her. Allen won’t even go near that because he is so frightened she will take a finger off. She has not been responding so well to Spanish.

That’s it for this week. Please send me links for next week and have a bite-free Wednesday!

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