My friend’s cat Romulus likes her heated cat bed.

Vegans love cats, right? And cats love snuggling into warm little balls. So when my cat Zuki met her first Colorado winter and started living next to our radiators like her life depended on it, I began exploring how to keep her warm and happy even when my lap was at work all day. A friend from Chicago recommended a heated cat bed. Kitty bliss! I would be the best cat owner ever!

The nice folks at K&H liked Vegansaurus enough to send me one to try, and thus began my journey of acceptance that my cat is a freak. Because no matter what I tried, be it kibble or cat nip or sweaters, nothing could convince her that the green plush disk with the 4-watt heating pad tucked inside was anything other than a portal to hell. She didn’t just not like it, she hated it with a passion.

"Radiators are far superior to THAT thing!"

Luckily I found another, saner cat to test the bed. My friend Steph reports, with evidence (see video above), that Romulus is a fan.

The bed is somewhat pricey ($40 on Amazon), but it should last for years, and you do want your cat to be happy, don’t you? The heater is pretty mellow—under the bed gets warm, but the surface of the cushioning isn’t actually hot to the touch until the cat’s body helps insulate it. If your cat has a history of nestling in things, she’ll probably like it. If not, don’t bother. But consider moving somewhere with radiators.

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