Here’s a newish video about moths by Lucy Cooke, creator of that awesome and adorable baby sloth video. It can’t compare to baby sloths, but what can?! It’s still cool though. So many kinds of moths! I like the ones that look like leaves—who’s with me?! Those guys are totally cool. They’re all, “I’m a moth! I’m a leaf! I’m a moth! I’m a leaf! I’m a moth AND a leaf!”

As suggested in the video, head over to the Amazon Conservation Association to see how you can help save the rainforest. And if you need a sloth fix, Cooke created a longer, more informative, slightly less cute video for The Cute Show. I love Alfie! He’ll stay a puppy forever! That’s the ultimate dream. And how cute is it when they hold the babies by their arms? So cute. OMG I need a sloth!!! Seriously, I can’t continue without one. Purse sloth! I’m coming for you!

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