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Eat Real Festival starts TODAY in Oakland’s Jack London Square. It goes through Sunday, when I’ll be participating in the Porchlight Storytelling Slam from 3 to 5 p.m.! Should be terrifying and humiliating, stop by

We’ve compiled a list of all the vegan deliciousness there is to eat. Unfortunately, they’re having all sorts of nasty-ass shit going on like butchering contests and other disgusting “urban homesteading” garbage that all the white people in West Oakland are into*. 

Here’s your list of all vegan businesses selling eats:
Fat Bottom Bakery
(YES!!) and Raw Daddy! Two vegan vendors at a food fest dedicated to food sustainability! It’s a start; hopefully next year they can do more outreach to veg businesses? A festival like this should be crawling with them!

Here’s a list of places selling all vegetarian food & will have vegan items to sell:
A La Cart; Cranky Boots Cold Confections; Fat Face; Ear-good Corn Roast; La Placita Center/Rising Sun Entrepreneurs; Liba Falafel Truk (been wanting to try this place!!); Saul’s Restaurant and Deli; Sweet (if they have vegan tarts GET THEM—upcoming review planned over their amazingness!); and Tante’s.

Plus, a lot of the ice cream and sorbet vendors will have vegan options (HELLO, SCREAM SORBET!) Also, 90 percent of the non-veg vendors selling will have vegan items—check out the selection! Food-wise, it seems like a solidly tasty weekend time investment. Let’s swarm the vegan businesses and have them sell out first! 
Further date/times/location info for the festival can be found here.

When you’re done with the festival on Sunday, come check out DINO BIKE, playing at the Hemlock in San Francisco! It’s a fundraiser for my dog, Hazel, who just had $4,000 surgery yesterday. And actually, it didn’t go super- well so she might need more and is on complete bed rest for two months. Like, literally no walking. We have to take her outside in a red Radio Flyer wagon so she can go to the bathroom. Seriously.

 *Oh calm down, I’m one of you too! I’m just making my own booze and pickling everything in sight instead of getting chickens in the mail (great idea!) to raise like pets and then slaughter because I NEED MEAT TO SURVIVE.

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