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I love Gardein chipotle-lime chickn tenders, dipped in a 75-20-5 plain soy yogurt-Mindful Mayo-lemon juice sauce, NO SHAME.

Cord Jefferson did it two years ago at The Awl; Rachel did it two days ago at Autostraddle. Now it’s our turn.

As much as we love to spend hours chopping vegetables and making sauces and pressure-cooking dried beans and rinsing and soaking and rinsing and soaking and rinsing and boiling and fluffing goddamn quinoa, sometimes a vegan gets tired of making 10 million dishes just to eat one meal.

So what do you eat when you want something fast and RIGHTNOWGIVEITTOME? As I mention, I love a Gardein chickn tender, but even that takes too long sometimes. For faster food, I love:

A massive spoonful of peanut butter;
Carrots and celery, unpeeled and uncut;
Chips and salsa;
Basically anything in Papalote salsa;
Canned chickpeas mashed up with mustard, plain soy yogurt, capers, and salt and pepper;
Still-frozen blueberries (buy ‘em fresh, freezeĀ ’em, eat ‘em year-round);
Tofurky Deli Slices, rolled up and dipped in mustard;
Dr. McDougall’s instant oatmeal, dry, directly from the packet (Maple Brown Sugar flavor is the best)—real talk: I eat this almost every day at work;
Toast with Earth Balance and marmite. (OK fine just marmite too, with a spoon. I love salt.)

What are your favorite, most ridiculous, fastest vegan foods? Share with us, that we might all benefit from each other’s brilliance! Though anyone who says It only takes me 10 minutes to throw together a big healthy salad with fresh veggies and a 30-second vinaigrette is subject to ban. What do you eat when you don’t want to make any effort beyond ripping open some plastic? That’s when truth happens, and that’s what we want to know.

Vegans are people too! And sometimes people are tired and lazy.

[photo by Jennifer via Flickr]

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