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Someone asked about hypoallergenic makeup on our FB page and Red Apple Lipstick immediately came to mind! I had tested a few of their products they sent me for free and now I’m finally writing about them. They are special products—not just lipstick, fyi—because they are gluten-free, among many other things. I didn’t know gluten-free makeup was a thing but I do know I like vegan makeup! And most of their products are vegan. But check ingredients because several of the lipsticks have beeswax, and a few other things. But besides being gluten-free, they are very conscientious about toxins and that sort of thing. They have this chart of all the terrible stuff that you can find in makeup, but not in their products:


The lipstick I tried which is beeswax-free was Rebel! You can see below:


Very smooth application and nice and moisturizing! Obviously I liked it because the name has an exclamation point in it. However the color was not as bold a red as I was expecting. But it’s a nice color all the same. The other lip product I tried was their Rallye balm. It’s a “unique Vitamin E suspended in a very special Castor seed oil” and I love the stuff! It’s hyper-moisturizing and I use it all the time. It’s in my purse as we speak. And apparently you can use it in a bunch of ways:

-Nail beds and cuticles.
-Under your eyes - It reduces puffiness!
-The heels of your feet.
-Your elbows
-Dry spots on your face or scalp.
-Under eye shadows for slippery, easy smoky eyes.
-On wrinkles.
-As a lipstick base.
-Heal a pimple.

I haven’t tried those but I’m about to rub the stuff on my cuticles as soon as I’m done typing. 

The last things I tried were these two eyeshadows:


Very sheer with some shimmer. I applied the Graphite Glam all over my lid and then the Violet Vixen in the crease, heavy on the outer corner. The Violet Vixen and Graphite Glam are their “dynamic duo" but you can also put together a palette on your own, which is fun. 

So if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a new makeup, Red Apple is definitely worth a try. And check out the Rallye balm!

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