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The Isabel Toledo for Payless collection is VEGAN and it’s OUT OF CONTROL.

¬†Naturally, Payless shoes are not made in America and most likely not environmentally friendly. Then again, these are fucking gorgeous, and as of yet no one’s discovered Payless giving an obscene amount of money to anyone particularly egregious—unless you count being the top contributor to Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) in 2006 especially bad. You guys know to check if you’re ever curious about who’s giving money to whom, right?

Regardless, the collection is all-vegan and mostly all-hot, although those boots with the faux fur are a goddamn disaster. The three different pairs inspired by Ghillie brogues are adorable. If you want inexpensive, pretty, environmentally unfriendly shoes, you could do a lot worse that Isabel Toledo for Payless.

On the other end, here is some pretty jewelry made of recycled plastic! Specifically, old bike- and roadside reflectors, buttons, bag handles, and eyeglasses. Then it’s painted with a substance called Alicrite—also made of recycled plastic!—which gives it a shiny finish eerily reminiscent of mother-of-pearl. Yes, pals, you can now wear pearly jewelry, only yours is vegan and not all hippified. Really, it’s Finnish-designed (Kaisli Kiuru—look at what she did for Marimekko, UGH LOVE IT) for Regenesi, which is¬†Italian, and it’s modern and lovely and it makes me so consumer-lustful. Regenesi, you’ll be interested to learn, designs “lifestyle products,” and its specific focus is on “the innovative use of post-consumer materials—previously employed only for goods in everyday use or incorporated in non-visible product components—that are used, from now on, not only in a functional, healthy and appropriate way but also to generate something attractive and up-to-the-minute.” They use (duh, recycled) leather, but a lot of their lovely designs are vegan.

[images from Payless and Regenesi, respectively. Necklace news from Ecouterre]

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