Help this pit bull and chihuahua dream team, please! JUST LOOK AT THAT PHOTO.  »

Reader Lis lives in the Pittsburgh area, and she has a friend who needs to home two dogs, a chihuahua and a pit bull! They are a bonded pair, so if you adopted them, you could get like an AWESOME family with NO work. It’s like you adopted a kid the day they before they left for Harvard on a full scholarship. Seriously, LIVING THE DREAM.

If you’re interested, or know anyone who might be, holler at Lis! Please note: You must be hella responsible and awesome and pay an adoption fee because these dogs are rad and you gotta want them. Plus, when they graduate, they’ll make you all sorts of money and keep you in the softest (faux) chinchilla fur. HERE’S THE INFO:

I am a vegan living in Pittsburgh area and have a friend who lives near me, currently in a predicament. She is in a financial crisis and must move, and cannot stay in an apartment with the number of animals she has, nor the pitbull she has. The issue is that there are two dogs, a pit and a chihuahua, who are a bonded female pair. They must go together, and are some characters! I fostered these two years back, and the problems always was, people either want one type of dog or the other, usually not both.

These two femme fatales are vegan. Nina was an abused pitbull who is scared of her own shadow, and Dutch is the chihuahua who came along and decided she would take Nina under her wing, and thus is fiercely protective of her pittie. The 8-pound gargoyle and the 55-pound helpless princess of the castle. They are darling. We will transport them for the right home ANYWHERE. I put a picture in here just so you can see their true love.

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