Adopt NY needs your help to bring Hurricane Sandy relief to the animals!   »

Awesome reader Jen tipped us to a really great way to help out New York’s needy animal shelters in the wake of Hurricane Sandy: Donate to Adopt NY!

Adopt NY is an organization that connects shelters around New York to make it as easy as possible for people to adopt animals. It’s terrific. And right now they are having a hell of a time coordinating between their 44 rescue groups to get relief to all those groups, shelters, and animals. Let’s block-quote from Facebook:

This has been a terrible week for New York—for all its people and animals. For New York City’s animals, the shelter system has been deafeningly silent. Without any First Alerts (lists sent out to rescues of all incoming animals) or Kill Lists for the past week at Animal Care & Control, the prospect of them having to kill large numbers is very real. Rescue groups have found it often close to impossible to pull animals from AC&C, as email is down, and no clear direction has been given about the true needs of the shelter system after the largest hurricane to ever hit New York. Add to that the fact that many rescue groups and NY shelters have sustained extensive damage to their facilities, as well as many fosters becoming homeless themselves.

Together with your help, we want to provide the assistance all our rescue groups so desperately need. We will keep you posted every step of the way. Please go here to donate to the Adopt NY Relief Fund, hosted through one of our founding groups, Dog Habitat Rescue. Thank you on behalf of all Adopt NY’s rescue groups for your generosity.

For New York locals, Adopt NY has a huge list of needed supplies at Facebook. Check it out and see what you can donate, New York Vegansaurs. The rest of us can donate at Dog Habitat, per Adopt NY. Give what you can to help the shelter animals, they desperately need it.


Help animals in Japan!  »

In these end-of-days times, it’s easy to feel like everything is spinning out of control and we’re all screwed and fuck it, I give up. Well, don’t give up! Give money! I know, we’re always asking for something around here—validation, praise, cash. Well, this time it’s for a good case: The animals in Japan who were affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunami and their devastating effects. VegNews has a terrific post¬†about how to help out and what you can do. So, in addition to all the other monies you’re giving, maybe you can look out for our animal friends, too? And then we can all hold each other as the entire Earth falls into the ocean/simultaneously bursts into flames.

On a more personal note (what’s new ME ME ME ME ME), my very first dogs growing up were Japanese! My parents rescued them while living outside of Tokyo, and brought them home! Then they had me and my siblings and BAM! Culture clash! They didn’t know how to use forks! We didn’t know how to use chopsticks! It was mayhem. Anyway, they were the greatest, and so I must assume that is the case with all Japanese animals.
[Buzzfeed via SF Gate, which also has a story about how to help animals in Japan!]

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