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This is Jade and Ben. They were surviving as strays in Indiana when Jade got preggers and the Humane Society brought the pair into the shelter. Jade had her puppies and they were soon adopted. But Jade and Ben spent several months in the shelter, even sharing the same pen. Then one day, a young family came in and adopted Ben. They had a three year old child and didn’t think they could handle more than one dog. 

But Ben didn’t forget Jade! Three weeks into his new life, he escaped and ran into the night! Ben traveled 10 miles in the freezing cold, over busy streets and train-tracks, until he got back to the shelter! "He came out of nowhere and started licking her through the fence, like they were kissing," the news was told.

Well, what was Ben’s new family to do? Of course they adopted Jade and took them home together!

"They want to be together," said Debbie Floyd, president of the Humane Society board. "There hasn’t been a lot of human love in their lives. They found love with each other and that what’s make them happy. … Hopefully, they will live their lives happily ever after.”

Don’t cry. OK you can cry!


It’s a photo set of a capybara named CHEESECAKE who is fostering orphaned dachshund puppies. That is all. #HOLYCRAP #WTF

It’s a photo set of a capybara named CHEESECAKE who is fostering orphaned dachshund puppies. That is all. #HOLYCRAP #WTF


This is a video about Sam, a rescued fighting dog:

Sam was a three-time champion. His “victories” were hard-won. His muzzle is down to the bone. A dog probably grabbed his face and hung on — and without veterinary care, he lost most of his teeth, lips…everything but his nose.

It’s a little tough to watch just because of Sam’s face. But overall I think the story is amazing. I mean, dogs are just amazing. You hear all these stories about dogs rescued from fighting rings being all violent and hostile, and then they let this dog out—this “champion” dog—and he just wants a hug. That’s why I love animals. Animals and kids, so pure of heart. 

Don’t forget to donate to help save other dogs like Sam


San Francisco Bay Area! Meet Gus! He’s pretty adorable, right? RIGHT. Well, he needs a home today and we wanted to help spread the word. Here’s what the woman who found him, has to say:

This stray little guy found us on your nightly walk yesterday. He’s really friendly and played well with our dog; and while he was a little apprehensive of us at first (for like a split second), he warmed up quickly. I would guess he’s a Blue Nose Pit, about 3-6 months old. He has fleas, but that’s easily remedied. I gave him a quick bath last night, so he’s cleaner than when we found him. We’ve taken to calling him Gus. If I cannot find him a home today, he’s going to the Berkeley shelter as I can’t keep him (one night is all I can manage). Someone please give this sweet little guy a forever home. 

So really, this is a last minute effort to get Gus into a great home without having to go via the shelters. The woman who found him already knows about rescue groups but speaking from my own extensive experience with them, rescues are able to take in dogs when they have foster homes, and those foster homes go to dogs who are lined up in the shelters. So anyway, going through a rescue group isn’t gonna work in this situation! But if you’re looking for a terrific little bully boy, Gus is your man! I can also tell you from experience (I’m very experienced in many things. SLUT!), that pit bulls are the BEST — this guy just needs a quick de-nadding (er, neutering), a structured home with lots of exercise, discipline, and love, and many kisses. AND LOOK AT THAT FACE! If you think you have what it takes to provide a truly great, stable home for this rad little dude, please email Miles! Thanks!


Pearl the search and rescue dog: still amazing!  »

Pearl, the ASPCA dog of the year 2010, was deployed to Japan in March following the massive earthquake and tsunami. They were in the Ofunato City area on the northeast coast, and worked from Mar. 14 to 21. So heroic! The Search Dog Foundation has more information—including videos—on Pearl and her team’s work.

Our friend Mike from Occupied Las Vegas visited the SDF and got to see some training exercises. Very dramatic.

Mike also told us that Pearl was on Wheel of Fortune on Mar. 15 as well (obviously a pre-taped episode). Your Vegansaurus is very sorry not to have reported that so you could’ve watched it, but our SDF/Pearl correspondent was having some internet-access issues during, um, February through April. Ahem. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to bringing you the SDF/Pearl news you need.

And more news! Allyn Lee told us in mid-March that A New Job for Pearl reached its sales goal, so they can sponsor a new dog to undergo the SDF training. Allyn records their progress on their Facebook page, where you can also learn about the other dogs she rescues, including a very special pit bull mix called Vinnie, whom she saved from euthanasia in April. Allyn Lee’s just giving dogs a chance to be great—and look at how great some of them can be! This means that if you haven’t bought a copy of A New Job for Pearl yet, you should; proceeds will continue to sponsor dogs at the SDF. Belated congratulations to Allyn and all the creators of A New Job for Pearl, and thanks to Pearl and her handler Ron Horetski for doing their important work. Also thanks to Mike for the information. We love tips!

[photo courtesy friend-of-Vegansaurus Mike from Occupied Las Vegas!]


Congressman adopts the most adorable yorkie ever! This video is so cute, I’m half dead. Congressman Michael Grimm had been working with the Humane Society to find the right rescue dog for him when they finally settled on Sebastian, a little puppy-mill rescue. It seems this Grimm character is an animal hero! From the Humane Society:

The personal is the political in Washington, and we are grateful that Rep. Grimm introduced H.R. 198, legislation enabling shelter dogs to become part of a pilot program for military veteran therapy and rehabilitation. Mr. Grimm is also is co-sponsoring the PUPS Act (Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act) to crack down on puppy mills. That’s a bill HSUS is determined to pass in this Congress, as part of our broader effort to turn around the puppy mill problem in America. Now, Rep. Grimm has a special incentive and case example to help drive that policy reform forward.

That’s all very interesting BUT LOOK AT THAT PUPPY! Ridiculous. See now why couldn’t Obama follow through with his adoption idea? Why are the men in my life ALWAYS LETTING ME DOWN?! Speaking of letdowns: Grimm is a Republican. Rip my heart out, why don’t you!


Friday link-o-rama!  »

1. Prop 2 passes in a landslide!!! This makes California the first state in the U.S. to ban battery cages (!!!!), and adds it to the list of states that have banned veal crates and gestation crates! It’s hard to describe how historic this win is but we’re incredibly excited to see these much needed changes in the industry. Next stop, everyone mandated to go vegan! KIDDING! KINDA!

2. A roundup of favorite sellers of vegan goods on Etsy, from New Vegetarian Life (blog appears to be down for now, so here is the Google cache link). Also, check out Etsy for Animals. A bunch of charitable craftsters donate goods to sell and 100% of the proceeds go to a different animal charity each month. SO AWESOME. We’ve purchased dog collars and vegan dog treats from them. According to Hazel, the treats are delicious. We love Etsy!

3. Do Dairy Products Help or Hinder Bone Loss? A discussion of the controversy over milk’s effects on bone density, and a “dairy addict” gets a bone scan (a rather unscientific sample size of one, mind). From Grass Dirt Corn.

4. Where President-Elect Obama Stands on Agriculture. Looks hopeful. Via Also, as heard in his victory speech, President-Elect Obama (so exciting to type that!), promised his daughters a puppy. Luckily, Michelle Obama announced that they would be adopting a rescue puppy! Woohoo! Sign the online thank you card to the Obama family for choosing the best kind of dog, a rescued one! To the puppy that gets adopted by them: YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST G-D PUPPY IN THE WORLD I WISH I WERE YOU I AM SO JEALOUS!!!
you have to watch this, it’s so cute. Obama talking about how his preference is a mutt, like him! But also Malia is allergic so it has to be a dog that won’t make her sneeze all the time. MIGHT I SUGGEST, a purebred rescue dog! There are tons! A poodle is perfect for people with allergies and there are lots of poodle rescues! Puppies, even! And I’m sure they rescue would bend over backwards to get the first family their first pick of adorable puppy!

5. Winter will soon be upon us and we at Vegansaurus know how hard it is to find an adorable vegan winter coat. Fucking wool WTF?! We found a great post on Vegan Fashion Blog about cute winter coats. We also suggest thrift stores, online vegan shops like Alternative Outfitters and places like H&M, Target and Old Navy where a bunch of the coats are vegan just because they’re too cheap to buy animal products. Of course there are all the other crappy things about companies like that. Ugh, life is impossible sometimes.

6. This is the kind of thing that gives us vegans a bad name. Please stop.

And I just could not decide between this single adorable white baby koala, and an entire adorable species of pink fairy armadillos.

[koala photo via what possessed me; pink fairy armadillo photo via the argentine institute for arid zones research]

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