1,800 Hens Need Homes in Northern California! You Can Help!  »

imageAnimal Place is trying to save a whopping 1,800 hens! But they need homes ASAP! From Animal Place:

Animal Place is ready to spring into action and save 1,800 hens from an egg farm going out of business! We have until April 4th to find as many homes as possible. To do that we need YOUR help!

This rescue is different than others. Because of staff limitations, we can only rescue as many hens as we can place into pre-approved adoptive homes. We have three opportunities to save hens – Friday March 21st, Friday March 28th, and our last date Friday, April 4th. Over those weekends, we’ll host adoption events for approved adopters.

The hens are 8-12 mos-old red girls. Sassy, sweet, and inquisitive, they are great additions to anyone’s flock!

If you can adopt, that would be so awesome and you’d get a new chicken friend!!! If you can’t adopt, please share share share until all the hens have homes! 

Go here for more info and adoption form


Here’s a sweet little vid from Animal Place of some former battery caged hens experiencing snow for the first time. They are totally like, “WHAT THE CLUCK?!”

If you want to support Animal Place (and I know you do!), click here!


We now know what the fox says! And it’s a bit underwhelming. But oddly relaxing, right? I find it oddly relaxing. 

This is Kevie, she was rescued from a fur farm. She can’t be released into the wild because she has multiple health problems but she has a nice warm home. Glad you are doing well, Kevie. 


Lonely chimp in roadside zoo finally makes it to sanctuary!  »


Happy day! Terry the chimpanzee who was living a lonely life in a Las Vegas “zoo” is now finally at the Florida Save the Chimps rescue! Yay! Congrats Terry! Here’s Terry’s story:

Terry once crisscrossed the globe as a performing chimp with the Ice Capades. His trainer, Lucien Meyer, bought him as a companion for one of his other chimps, Simon, and taught him to skate. When Meyer retired to Las Vegas in 1995 and could no longer keep his chimps with him, Terry went to the Las Vegas Zoo. His friend Simon went too, but died within weeks.

Sadly, a news story dating back to 2001 indicates that Terry was obviously depressed even then because he was alone. As of 2013, 12 long, lonely years later, the Las Vegas Zoo had still not found him a companion.

So sad. But never again! Apparently the staff at the LV zoo all walked out after years of being prevented from caring for the animals properly. You go, zoo people! Stick up for the animals!

Here is an update about his arrival from Save the Chimps:

Terry arrived at about 10 pm on Friday October 4th, after more than 48 hours of travel across the country since his rescue. Several staff members were on hand to greet him and assist with his transfer into the Special Needs building, where he will spend his quarantine period. It is also here where he will meet other chimpanzees, including J.R. whom we hope will become good friends with Terry.

When Terry arrived he was understandably a bit bewildered. His travel cage had to be moved via a forklift, and the lights and sounds were confusing to him. But once he entered his new housing, he appeared to be very relieved to stretch his legs at last! He explored his rooms, which were decorated with streamers, toys, and plenty of cozy blankets. We all held our breath when he saw his first chimpanzee in 18 years—his new neighbor J.R. How would he react? We have to admit, Terry’s reaction to this momentous occasion was rather, well, underwhelming. Terry spotted J.R., nodded at him, and then proceeded to check out his new rooms. After the staff departed, we left some lights on for Terry so that he would be able to find his way around easily. An hour or so after everyone left, the night supervisor checked on him, and he was fast asleep.

We are so happy for Terry and I hope the rest of his life is carefree and full of good chimp and human friends. Here’s J.R., he looks like a sweetie!:


Congrats on having a new pal, J.R.!

I’m sure Terry’s lifestyle doesn’t come cheap, so donate here if you can. 


Neglected dog’s sweet rescue story is sweet!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Shew. Another Bill Foundation video. It’s a doozy! In this one, the dog is totally ready to be rescued. I mean, it’s just, how do they do it? Dogs are so amazing. This dog’s eyes look so sore yet she’s practically skipping around just to be outside! And she’s so sweet to everyone!

This one is especially tugging on my heartstrings (shut up, I totally have heartstrings) because besides the eyes, Carly looks a lot like Figaro did when I adopted him! She must be a Bichon-type too. What? You want to see Fig’s before and after? Well, ok!:


What a skinny-mini he was! But he didn’t have the painful-looking eye problem like Carly. On the other hand, he was a freaking wild animal once he finally got a few meals in him. Like running-around-like-a-bat-on-speed-jumping-up-biting-my-muffin-top-repeatedly-until-I-was-covered-in-bite-bruises-wild. Carly seems well-behaved. What a sweetie!

In conclusion: donate to the Bill Foundation!


This little rescue kitty has the best hats!  »

A famous internet dude I’ve never heard of makes these little construction paper hats for his three-legged rescue kitty Maxwell! I don’t know why it matters that Maxwell is three-legged but they keep mentioning it. I guess so you’re not surprised when you see a pic where you can tell he’s missing a leg. Dang, three-legged animals just without fail make my heart swell. You too?

More hats!:

He makes some hats for his other kitty too. But who cares about a four-legged kitty! JK. So is this Wonder Woman or some anime thing I don’t know about?:


Here’s a sweet video of chickens getting to be chickens for the first time. Thanks to all the rescue organizations who helped save these hens! Fuck eggs!


The News You Need: Baby Elephant plays in mud, is cute as all get out  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Here’s your cute for the day—nay, for the month! Seriously, it’s ridic. This is little Navaan, born in a sanctuary in Thailand. His mother “worked” for an illegal logging operation until she stepped on a land-mind and couldn’t work anymore. So then she was forced into a breeding program. When she didn’t get preggers, Elephant Nature Park* was able to secure her as a new resident. But guess what! She was totally preggers! But no one knew. Then one night, bam! Navaan! And what a happy boy he is! Are you going to die from the cuteness? I plan on it.

*I love this from their site: “At ENP, there are no tricks. There are no rides. No elephant paintings can be bought. Here, these elephants are allowed to live their lives free from bullhooks, free from abuse.”


A happy start to your week! An (old) update from some cuties from Hope for Paws! These guys are cray!


Little abused dog on death row just wanted to be loved  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Here’s another bittersweet, heartstring-tugging video from Hope for Paws. It’s a few years old but it’s new to me. I could watch videos from this site all day. If I wanted to have puffy cry-y eyes at work! Really though this makes me so sad. I understand that a lot of dogs have to be euthanized, because what the hell do we want people to do with them? There’s just too many to take care of. But the idea that a dog like Chase could be euthanized after years of abuse, never knowing what it’s like to be loved or even treated nicely? Heartbreaking. It’s like, were they born just to be abused and die? And so many of the dogs in these videos are the kinds of dogs people pay thousands of dollars for, when dogs like Chase are waiting, scared and alone in shelters. So senseless.

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