Bleat: coming soon. I don’t know what you call it, maybe “a vegan resource” is the best option. Looks interesting/promising, no? I like that they say vegan “lifestyle” instead of “diet.” Thoughts? Do we need a site like this? The promise of a hotel guide is intriguing to me. I do love hotels! 



Where to get your vegan Thanksgiving pie!  »

Let’s be real: the only thing that matters about Thanksgiving is the pie. When everyone else has forsaken you, you can always turn to pie. Unfortunately, we’re short on pumpkin, sweet potato, and pecan pies here in the Bay Area, but maybe next year!? All I know is, we gots to ask for what we want so if you want these types of pies, email your favorite pie place and ASK FOR THEM! Come on vegans! This is three-minute activism, you can do it!! Okay, enough of the patronizing, let’s pie this!

Alameda Pie has got you covered with vegan apple pie. They’ll be delivering all over the Bay Area but get your orders in, stat!

Mission Pie has an Apple Brandy Raisin pie for the vegans. Get your orders in on the double. Pick up at their store.

Bike Basket Pies is gonna hook you up with several variations on apple and pear pies, including apple-cranberry and pear-ginger. THEY MIGHT ALSO HAVE A PUMPKIN PIE. No word yet but perhaps if enough vegans requested it, WHO KNOWS!? Pick up in the mission.

In The Mood For Food Vegan Catering has a vegan pumpkin pie! Woohoo! They also have apple-walnut tarts, pear-pecan tarts, apple pies, pear pies, PECAN PIES, brownies & carrot-oat cookies! In fact, they have a full on vegan Thanksgiving catering menu so check it out & get your orders in ASAPly! Oh, and they DELIVER.

Rainbow is selling several vegan pies, including some new stuff from Sugar Plum Vegan, including a gluten-free chai spice sweet potato pie and a pumpkin cheezecake. You gotta head to the store to see what their selection is.

Whole Foods will definitely have vegan pies. Sure, they’ll be boring but you know, you gots to takes what you can gets NOW GO EMAIL SOME PLACES.

Oh and yeah, I’m sure any of our local vegan bakeries (sugar beat sweets, violet sweet shoppe, fat bottom bakery, cinnaholic, sugar plum vegan, idle hands baking company, ETC ETC - google them for more info because girrrrl, I gots a job I gotta get back to!) would be stoked to help cater all your holiday pie needs, so don’t forget about them!!

ONE LAST THING: You can always get a vegan ice cream cake (pumpkin ice cream YES PLEASE) from Maggie Mudd! Bonus point: all ice cream cakes are 20 percent off in November!!!

ONE MORE LAST THING: Perhaps you choose to keep it super-fancy and want to bake one yourself. OH YOU ARE SO FANCY AND BETTER THAN THE REST OF US.

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