Nationwide chain The Counter offers a VEGAN burger, and wants us to “veg out” with them in October!   »

Man everyone, I love knowing that national chains carry vegan food — let’s be real, we’re not always in the company of other vegans, vegetarians, even flexible eaters. It’s a relief for me when popular chains offer grub I can get down with and that an ominvore family member or friend will be satisfied with as well! 

Now, I had never heard of The Counter before they sent us an email about their new and improved vegan veggie burger, and how they plan on highlighting it as a menu item for National Vegetarian Month in October. Of course a week later I was listening to Jen Kirkman’s podcast “I Seem Fun”, where she mentioned going a Southern California branch of the restaurant, and I was like “OH YEAH, I’ve been asked to look into that place for the vegan blog I write for”. 


So look into I have. I do love an exceptional vegan burger, and I always feel like I gotta make one at home to be satisfying! Unfortunately I can’t give a review of The Counter — have any of you tried them out? I’m super interested, and will be hitting them up next time I’m in the SF Peninsula or East Bay suburbs with my family. My family members will surely find a burgers they want to eat there, and I get to try something new! Everyone wins! 

I know you must be full of doubts, Vegasaurus readers, as you are intellegent and discerning vegans! You don’t want to get your vegan on just anywhere! You have guidelines, you have principles and you are TIRED OF LIMP VEGETABLE SANDWICHES. So here’s why I’m interested, straight from The Counter’s email to us: 

What’s so exceptional about The Counter’s Veggie Burger? Read on.         
The veggie burger is not just vegetarian – it’s vegan, too. 

Unlike the “veggie” burgers that most restaurants serve that try to taste like beef, the team specifically wanted a veggie burger that tasted like vegetables. With high-quality beef, turkey and grilled chicken on the menu, why have the veggie burger taste like meat, too?
The veggie burger accounts for roughly 10% of all “burgers” sold throughout the locations. 
The veggie burger is cooked on a different grill than the other burgers. 
The veggie burger was in development for about a month. The Counter had originally settled on a different veggie burger recipe than the one they opened the doors with back in 2003. The first version used spinach and potatoes as a base, and ultimately it was determined to be too starchy and taste too much like a potato pancake, so the recipe – using a variety of fresh vegetables - was reworked to its current version and was met with rave reviews.

I went to the work of bolding that statement about the burger being cooked on a different grill, as I know that’s really important to most of you! Anyway, for October, The Counter wants us herbivores to go “Veg Out” with them and try the two specialty sandwiches they are promoting. Both need a little adjustment, the honey dijon mustard on the burger and the basil on the sandwich. To tell you the truth, I’d go in just to build my own burger because that’s the best! I don’t want what everyone else is having! I want it adjusted to MY NEEDS! 

The two special “burger builds” on special next month include:

The Vegan Veggie Burger with grilled cucumber, roasted roma tomato, red onion, organic mixed greens, and honey Dijon on a wheat bun.

The Veggie Club with grilled zucchini, grilled carrots, roasted red peppers, sliced avocado, tomato, and basil pesto served on Texas Toast with a side of sweet potato fries.

Of course, as I mentioned before, you’ll have to make a couple minor adjustments when ordering these, or just order something different altogether. I’m super into them carrying sweet potato fries, that is FOR SURE. 

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