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A pal of Vegansaurus just got a fancy new job and wants to know what fancy vegan shoes and accessories she should buy, so here are some of my suggestions! This is for chicks. Men, check out my men’s dress shoe round-up from last year because that list was the hotness. 

I’ve said it a million times, but Beyond Skin is definitely my favorite vegan shoe brand. Eco-friendly and worker-friendly, they are also beautiful. If you want a simple pump, I love a good kitten heel like the Leona:

I have these and they look sexy, clean, and chic. The low heel makes them good for wearing for extended periods of time. They have limited sizes now (though there’s a few other colors that might be in your size), so get on that if they have yours.

If you want to go with a classic menswear look, I like oxfords like this Antique Brogue from Vegetarian Shoes on Mooshoes:

Very nice. You can go for a Katharine Hepburn style and complete the look! And be awesome!

Sorry for the bitty picture, but I like the Selene from Bourgeois Boheme:

This mary jane comes in black and brown. Black shoes are great for work but you should have at least one pair of brown shoes.

Basically, one pair of brown dress shoes, black heels, and a nice pair of oxfords is a good work shoe collection to start with. Then you can build your collection from there with some more exciting shoes! I love this new Eva flat from Beyond Skin:

I’d expect you have to break these in a little but it will be so worth it! These are very stylish but conservative enough for an office. I love these so very much. Cally says they are great too! So you know they’re great. 

If you want to go taller (and cheaper), Lulu’s is a great resource. I like this GoMax Oksana pump:

I doubt I could wear these but women in offices definitely do wear shoes like this. If you can do it, go for it. 

Now that we have some nice shoe options, let’s look at bags! Matt and Nat is definitely the best brand for vegan professional looking bags. I really like this laptop bag, the Creed:

This is super-pro. It’s classic but sleek and modern. 

Another Matt and Nat bag, the Barnes has that whole lit professor look:

If you have a smaller laptop and want to go more feminine, check out this Taylor Satchel from Reveal:

Very pretty. But my laptop is large and in charge. 

As for other things you may need, a belt is nice. I like the Garrison from The Vegan Colleciton because it has a gold buckle and I’m all about gold (silver is 90s!):

For nice wallets, Matt and Nat is again great but I’m also a big fan of Shiraleah. The Sutton wallet by Shiraleah is pretty smart:

I used to have a Shiraleah but I lost it. It was so great though, really good quality. Looks like Shiraleah has a laptop bag or two as well. 

Once you have your accessories, you can get non-wool trousers and top with non-wool dress coat or classic trench and you are set! Anything else you need to know you can learn from Working Girl


More vegan ways to blow your paycheck: Compassion Couture!  »

I know I’m a little late reporting but I just have to put in a good word for this online shop, Compassion Couture. It’s adorbs. It was started by two sisters who I’m guessing are adorbs too. They don’t have a ton of stuff but it’s well curated so what they do have is dope. I’m into these Olsen Haus shoes. I couldn’t wear them because I get cranky if the heels are over two inches. But if you wear them, I’ll totally hit on you.

Of course we all know Olsen Haus but they also have some brands I’ve never seen, especially in the purse department. Have you guys heard of Dialog? Well I hadn’t. Kind of wacky but I’m into it. They also have those Reveal iPad cases that I want! Why does no one think I’m important enough to have an iPad? Damn it! I need one! Angry Birds is so tiny on my iPhone!

[P.S. Have you bought your super-sexy Vegansaurus shirt yet? They’re going fast!]


Vegan laptop bag round-up!  »

Finding a vegan laptop bag isn’t really the most difficult thing in the world but finding a dope one? Chances are slim. Lucky for you, I’m here with the vegan laptop bag round-up! Now, I’m not talking bags that could fit a computer, I mean like legit, padded laptop bags, all right? All right!

First shout out goes to Matt and Nat. Did you know they did some bags in collaboration with Apple? Well they did and they are fly. Here’s my favorite, the Ritual:

SO FLY. Matt and Nat also has some other dope laptop bags that aren’t in that collection, like the slick-ass Phoenix here:
I’m also into the Gordon but it’s a little busy.

From super awesome, eco-obsessed company Reveal we have this eco-denim number:

It’s a little exciting but not over-the-top.

Next we have The Kate by San Francisco’s Acme Made:
This one is a bit futuristic, I’m into it. Not the Jetsons future, the Matrix future. Plus, matching change purse? BONUS.

From Etsy, we have the Niko:

This one is kind of siiiiick, bra. Very handsome indeed.

This iPad case from Reveal is so dope, I’m about to buy an iPad. There are some excellent manly ones, too. That I also need. It’ll be great, I’ll get an iPad and dress her up in different outfits every day!

That’s five-plus-one for now! Soak it in. Which one is your favorite? I need a new laptop bag but I can’t decide. I’m allergic to decisions.

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