VIDEO: vegan raspberry rice crispy treats with clara’s cakes!  »


heyo! today’s episode of quarrygirl presents is a recipe video with one of our favorite people, local teenage baking sensation clara polito of clara’s cakes!

people may not realize it, but due to ingredients like butter and gelatin, traditional rice crispy treats aren’t vegan…or even vegetarian! in this video clara shows us how to make cruelty-free raspberry rice crispy treats that taste even better than the original using vegan substitutes like earth balance and dandies

watch and learn, and be sure to hit up clara’s cakes for treats next time you’re in LA.

Raspberry rice crispy treats! They’re the perfect color to serve to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, especially if your sweetheart is an entire elementary school class. Or someone with the tastes of a grade-schooler. Our long-distance Valentine is quarrygirl and we looooove her and her video series.


Rice Krispies treat Easter eggs! Veganize it, biznatches!  »

I saw this saccharine Rice Krispies commercial showing a mom and some kids making these Rice Krispies treat Easter eggs and despite the ridic commercial, I totally want to make them! I am a product of this society SUE ME! You’d just have to substitute in some Sweet & Saras and Organic Earth Balance. Blammo! And for the filling, you could use some Whizzers instead of M&Ms. Bang! You could even fill them with vegan jelly beans if you like that sort of thing. Pow!

Any kid who wouldn’t prefer these over a hard-boiled egg is one to worry about. Has anyone already made these before?

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