Rock the VEGAN lips for International Women’s Day  »

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day! Hurrah! How will you be celebrating? The home site for the day has lots of events and information you can check out. Another campaign going around for International Women’s Day is Rock the Lips. Have you heard about it? You can read about it in the Washington Post, they have a nice discussion and some background. Basically, we are all supposed to wear red lipstick tomorrow to celebrate women.¬†

I’m not sure what this will accomplish but I do imagine you’ll get to knowingly wink at other women wearing red lipstick and if there’s anything I love doing, it’s knowingly winking.

If you are planning on participating in Rock the Lips, I say you rock VEGAN lips! There are many vegan-friendly brands of lipstick but as the event is tomorrow, I think your best bet is to take your ass to Sephora or Ulta and purchase¬†Urban Decay’s lipstick in Revolution. I haven’t tried this particular color but I love Urban Decay and this lipstick is vegan. It’s also hella red! Hurrah!

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