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This is not totally about vegan stuff, but as we vegans are a baking people, I could not refuse a free sample of Rodelle chocolate extract and vanilla bean paste! The great thing about this stuff is it’s organic, which is always nice, plus their facility is wind-powered AND a portion of the profits go toward environmental and reforestation efforts by Trees, Water and People. They also support sustainable farming and fund great programs in Uganda and Madagascar, where they get their vanilla. So you can feel good while you are making yummy food! 

I was very excited to try the chocolate extract, as I didn’t know it existed. I feel like chocolate cakes that just have chocolate cocoa in them are never chocolatey enough! So my hope was that chocolate extract would give it that chocolatey oomph I’ve been looking for. I had never used vanilla paste either; the difference between vanilla paste and vanilla extract is while vanilla extract is made by infusing alcohol with vanilla, vanilla paste is made by scraping vanilla beans into a sugar mixture. So vanilla paste is sweet! This would have been great when I was little and always wanted to eat a bit of vanilla extract because it smelled so good—bad idea! Some people say vanilla paste is great for making vanilla ice cream because you get those little black specs of vanilla. I will have to try that!

I’d been waiting for the right opportunity to try my Rodelle stuff when along came my sis-in-law’s birthday! My brother asked me to get a cake. He wanted me to buy it! Ha! Silly guy. I decided I’d make one, adoy. He wanted something with banana. I looked around and found this recipe for vegan chocolate cake with banana frosting from Sarah Fit; As that sounds super awesome, I decided to go for it. Chocolate cake with banana frosting? DANG, SON!

"A" for Alejandra, my sis-in-law! Not the most beautiful cake I’ve ever made but it sure was tasty!

I substituted chocolate extract for the almond extract and the vanilla paste for the vanilla extract and got to work. So how did the cake turn out? Chocolatey delicious! No joke! I think the chocolate extract really did it’s job. I swear, it had that moist chocolate flavor that I’ve only found in stupid box cake mixes. I love this stuff! I want to use it in everything. Rodelle says you can use it in any recipe that calls for vanilla extract. Of course in this recipe I used both the vanilla paste and chocolate extract so it was a double whammy. I REALLY want to try the chocolate extract in whipped cream—chocolate whipped cream! Genius!

Here’s the interior. Yummy like I said! I have to highly recommend Rodelle and also this super recipe from Sarah Fit. All the omnis liked it. Oh, omnis! You guys are adorbs. 

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