Product Review: Rox Chox fair-trade and sugar-free vegan chocolates!  »

Rox Chox sent me a sample of their vegan chocolate to try and I declare, YUM YUM! My favorite part is the bits of salt, I love salty chocolate. There are also bits of coconut that I normally wouldn’t like, but it’s just the right amount, so you can kind of chew on them but the whole thing doesn’t taste particularly coconut-y. 

Rox Chox is also cool because their chocolate is fair trade, organic and mostly raw (do our raw friends like mostly raw stuff?). Another cool thing is that it’s sugar-free, which they say makes it suitable for diabetics! That is nice to hear. It’s also gluten-free, and soy- and nut-free. I know some of you guys don’t get down with soy! Rox Chox kind of seems great for everybody. 

The chocolate isn’t like super-sweet, smooth, “sinful” chocolate, it’s more like a tasty treat. I could see snacking on it a lot. We’re not talking a granola bar here though, it still hits the chocolatey spot. Really though, the salt is what rocked my world. The combo is perfect, and it’s just the right ratio of salty to sweet. 

You can order Rox Chox online, but their site says it’s available at the Valencia Whole Foods in SF too. It’s also available at a bunch of places throughout Oregon. 

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