Katy Perry donates $175,000 from California Dreams tour to charities, including the Humane Society!  »

I’m done hating on Katy Perry. I must have been unhappy with some aspect of myself (not being an adorable pop star married to Russell Brand, perhaps). I’m going to use this forum to come out and say it: I’m a Katy Perry fan. (Don’t worry, I kind of hate myself too). I have bought more of her songs than I care to admit on itunes, which I play when I invite people over for some elegant debauchery. Ask Sarah, we’ve jumped around and sang TGIF countless times on my porch (#tweens)! Oh, and she does a fab rendition of "California Gurls" at karaoke, let me tell you. I clapped my hands with glee the entire time.

Katy and her cat, Kitty Purry

Now that I’ve come clean, let’s proceed! Katy Perry is donating $175,000 of her ticket sales from the California Dreams tour to over 50 charities, including the Humane Society, Generosity Water and the Children’s Health Fund. Each organization is rumored to receive around $40,000 each! Haters gonna hate, but I’m not one of them anymore!

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Hey, it’s Darlene from Roseanne, interviewing Ozzy Osbourne about giving veganism a go after watching Forks Over Knives! Just kidding you guys, I know her name is Sara Gilbert, but she’ll always be Darlene to me! She’s the creator, co-host and executive producer of The Talk.

First Russell Brand, now Ozzy Osbourne; if I want to keep any smidgen of street cred I may possess as a vegan, I have got to turn off Jersey Shore Mad Men and watch this movie!

FYI, Sara Gilbert is a vegan too! Vegans are taking over the the entertainment industry. And the Brits are taking over veganism. Crazy!


Russell Brand, are you seriously a vegan now?  »

If you have eyes and use the internet (Twitter), you have probably seen Russell Brand’s claim that he is going vegan! At first I was all, “Oh yeah, Russell, sure. Why don’t you marry Katy Perry while you are at it?” Then I realized I was being such a hater! Dude has been vegetarian since he was 14! Yeah, Russell, watch Forks Over Knives with the Mrs. and go vegan! Do it, PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2011!

I’m just being a hater because I thought he was hot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then was the funny/OMG so sexy-hilarious host of the 2009 VMAs. Jealousy—it’s not attractive. DAMMIT RUSSELL, WHY KATY AND NOT MEEEE?

The Tweet heard ‘round the world. Or, at least in most vegan circles.

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