It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use!  »


It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay, Paul! Yay, animals!

The Guardian’s got a great feature on our gestation crate campaign, noting that “HSUS has the pork industry on the defensive.” The journalist also has a separate blog about the issue, including his interview with my friend and coworker Josh Balk. Josh is the only person, it seems, who can work his bar mitzvah into an interview about chicken slaughter and gestation crates…

Yesterday, with only hours of notice, the House of Representatives voted (again) on a version of the farm bill containing Rep. Steve King’s nefarious provision to harm animals. You can read Wayne Pacelle’s thoughts on the vote.

You know that having people view videos of what happens to animals in slaughterplants can be effective, right? Well, what about giving them a virtual tour of the process from the animal’s perspective?

Like Ryan Gosling? You’ll like him even more now that he’s campaigning to secure a national ban on gestation crates in Canada (his home country).

P.S. Video of the week: The world’s most tolerant cat, or the world’ most persistent pig?


Vegan Ryan Gosling knows what’s up. I want him to invent some cheese in my pants! WHAT SORRY.

Vegan Ryan Gosling knows what’s up. I want him to invent some cheese in my pants! WHAT SORRY.


The Vegansaurus 2011 Holiday Charity Guide!  »

Ryan Gosling wants you to give money to help these goslings!

Inspired by The Morning News’ annual charity links, here is the Vegansaurus writer-and-reader-collated recommended donation guide, for your holiday giving.

Remember, charities don’t care whether you celebrate a religious holiday in December! They want your money, maybe your time, nothing else. So, as we put to bed 2011, this year of one-step-forward, two-steps-back, we present to you a short list of charities you can give to in all good faith.*

Animal charities
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Animal Place
Animals Asia
Cat Town
Compassion Over Killing
For the Animals Sanctuary
Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
House Rabbit Society
Orange County Cavy Haven
Paw Fund
Peace Ridge Sanctuary
San Francisco SPCA
Wee Companions

Human charities
Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment
Food Empowerment Project
Food Not Bombs
The Innocence Project
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Oxfam International
Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

Thank you for everything you do, and have lovely winter holidays.

*Find out more about these and your favorite charities at Charity Navigator.


Ryan Gosling speaks out for animals, a billion undergarments drop  »

Ryan Gosling, hero to every person with eyes, is speaking out for abused chickens! Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty fine man GOOD LORD.

Gosling co-wrote a letter to McDonald’s, asking them to use cage-free eggs. 

According to Mercy for Animals, the appeal comes after hidden-camera video, shot at Sparboe facilities in three states revealed hens crammed in tiny wire cages, dead hens left to rot in cages with birds still laying eggs for McDonald’s Egg McMuffins, and workers burning off the beaks of baby birds without painkillers. Yum! Watch the undercover video here:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Ugh, egg farms are the grossest. Seriously, this kind of abuse isn’t just happening at Sparboe facilities, it’s happening any place animals are treated as commodities. I see those poor chickens and I imagine my dog in that situation and I just want to murder everything.

So, thank you, Ryan Gosling, and assorted other celebrities I don’t give a shit about because your faces are like garbage compared to his, for speaking out.  I already wanted to go all Kathy Bates in Misery on him and now the odds of that happening are about 2-1. G’damn!

And finally, some Feminist Ryan Gosling to both tantalize and amuse:

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