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Last Sunday July 24, New York Animal Rights Alliance America (NY-ARAA) held a demonstration outside the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control exposing the horrific mass euthanasia occurring in their New York shelter locations. Joining protesters at their local shelters across the country, the NY-ARAA dressed in red as a reminder of the unnecessary death that occurs daily at these kill shelters.

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The demonstration came to a screeching halt, however, when a badly injured pit bull named Rosie arrived at the shelter. Bearing tire tracks on her hind legs and backside, Rosie was clearly in pain and was seen dripping with blood, including form her muzzle, indicating internal damage. The protesters observed that she was likely hit by a car, and quickly came to her aid. Rosie had a stroke of luck arriving at the shelter on that particular day: the NY-ARAA removed her from the kill shelter and has arranged veterinary treatment for her while embarking on a search for a new family for the recovering pup. They’ve graciously set up a Facebook page for Rosie HERE—click the link and find out how you can help this beautiful girl!

[image in video via This Dish Is Veg]


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