Scream Sorbet is closing?!  »

I’ve gotten this info from a number of people who are positively distraught about the news. But it appears that Scream Sorbet is indeed closing. From their FB:

 Closing March 10

Our customers are great, the press has been kind, but with
regret, Scream Sorbet will be closing on Sunday, March 10 2013.

Please join us for free final scoops on that Sunday from 12 noon - 8 pm.Donations accepted, and will be split by our employees.

It’s possible we’ll find a way to avert our fate, but the offer holds for Sunday. If we’re lucky, it will be a party rather than a wake.

We’ll try to re-open in some form. If you might have a solution to our situation, write to or leave a message at 510 394 5030.


Hopefully this will work out some how, as I know there are many Scream fans out there! 


Sacramento’s Never Felt Better Vegan Shop is Closing  »

Oh no! The Sacramento Press reports that Never Felt Better vegan shop is shutting down, as of yesterday, May 31. They just weren’t getting enough business. The owner says they’d probably have done better as a food shop. Apparently we vegans don’t love to buy animal-friendly goods as much as we love to eat.

They say they might consider relocating to the East Bay, which would be cool. Hopefully next time they’ll add something like a vegan soft serve machine or hot dog cart to lure us in, and then of course we’ll buy some lip balm or handbags or shirts or whatever, too. Plus, Sacramento! That’s just too far! It’s not totally over yet though, you can still buy stuff from their online store. Go do that to soothe your tears! 


Help Anne, the abused UK circus elephant   »

Animal Defenders International
released some really disturbing footage of Anne, Britain’s last circus elephant, being kicked, stabbed and beaten. ADI secretly filmed the elephant for three and a half weeks over which period, the elephant was beaten repeatedly. You can read more and watch the video at the Daily Mail website. It’s pretty awful. I was so sad, that I made this picture for Anne. Sometimes Illustrator makes me feel better.

From ADI, here are some things you can do to help Anne:

  • Write to your MP at: The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.
  • Write to Lord Henley, the Minister responsible for animal welfare at: The House of Lords, London, SW1A 0WP.
  • Join our Street Team and raise awareness in your local area.
  • Make a donation and help fund our campaign to end circus suffering.
  • For more information, contact ADI. Email us at
  • For press enquiries, please contact ADI Media Relations Director Phil Buckley on 07716 018 250

UPDATE!: Like the Facebook page to get justice for Anne!

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