Compassion Couture is having an End of Summer Sale!  »


Big sale over at Compassion Couture starting today:

Compassion Couture is hosting their End of the Summer Online Sample Sale– 1 week only! This is our biggest sale of the year - Up to 70% off!  From August 15th—August 22th, items will already be marked down BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES. No coupon codes required.

I’m totally looking at those Cornelia Guest bags. $135 dollars off? Please. There are some nice Beyond Skins on sale too. 


Vegan fashion sample sale!  »

Compassion Couture is having a pretty awesome sample sale with 40% off or more on some hot stuff! Who is this Hudson and Bleecker? These bags are new to me and I’m in love. No coupon code needed and it ends November 27th. 

So while you are wallowing in a lovely game of defensive omnivore bingo at your family reunion, excuse yourself and shop the pain away. 


New Vaute Couture coats are on sale! Order yours ASAP!  »

Our BFF Vaute Couture is going on fall tour! PLUS pre-order just started on new coats and they are 50 percent off for a few more hours! OMG THE EXCITEMENT! I got one last year and everyone says it’s smashing. [Ed. note: Everyone loves mine, too! —Meave]

The details are contained below:

Shop online now, or shop in person later! You can’t get fancier, better-made vegan fashions than Vaute Couture’s!


More holiday deals: Oh Deer! Chocolates e-book, get it on Etsy!  »

It’s that time between the two major holiday meals, where you have two choices: take it easy, eat some veggies, maybe do a juice cleanse OR GO FULL SPEED AHEAD, EAT EVERYTHING, after all, swimsuit season is so far away! I’m somewhere in the middle—I guess it’s not so black-and-white. One thing I do want to do in this time is incorporate more raw foods in my diet. And OhDeerChocolates has sprung up on Etsy at the most perfect time!

Sara Malazzo-Miller, creator of OhDeerChocolates, is selling her e-cookbook for the low price of $8, for this week only! Her 20+ cookie, truffle, and candy recipes are raw, vegan and CHOCOLATE!

OhDeerChocolates’ chocolate mousse.

Raw dessert—it’s like health food. At least that’s my motto! Sara is also donating 100 percent of the profits to wildlife rescue centers. Now that’s the holiday spirit!


So necessary: ugly feather shorts!  »

Who doesn’t need ugly feather shorts? Originally $545, these are on sale for $218—HUZZAH! Basically, you’re losing money if you don’t buy them.

I can’t find a ton of info on ostrich feathers and cruelty but everyone seems to be in agreement that they are plucked while the birds are alive. Here’s a bit from Veg for Life:

Contrary to what you would like to think, these feathers do not fall out naturally; the feathers are either plucked while the bird is still alive or removed after the bird is slaughtered.

Ostriches, raised for their meat, leather, eggs, and feathers, naturally roam the open plains and live upwards of 75 years. Farmed ostriches are confined to small spaces, often indoors, and slaughtered at only 12 to 14 months.

So, that’s not so great. BUT THEY’RE ON SALE! I’m sure the birds appreciate that.



At Whole Paycheck, I mean Foods, silly me. Today and today only organic strawberries cost $1.99 a pound, and only while supplies last, so hurry—you can brainstorm recipes on the way over! Or try this one. Strawberry “crab” cakes? I’m interested.

Strawberries are one of the dirty dozen, as in one of the 12 fruits and vegetables you should always buy organic.  No excuses today, peeps.  Fortunately for me, Whole Foods just opened by my pad! You better get there before me!

Now that you’re motivated, I’ve found some vegan strawberry recipes you can get even more excited about:

Happy creating!


WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT! 20 percent off everything at TODAY ONLY! We’re talking shoes! And coats! And t-shirts! And bags! And other shit to satisfy the consumer whore in you!
Do it. To it. 

WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT! 20 percent off everything at TODAY ONLY! We’re talking shoes! And coats! And t-shirts! And bags! And other shit to satisfy the consumer whore in you!

Do it. To it. 

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