The News You Need: Baby Elephant plays in mud, is cute as all get out  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Here’s your cute for the day—nay, for the month! Seriously, it’s ridic. This is little Navaan, born in a sanctuary in Thailand. His mother “worked” for an illegal logging operation until she stepped on a land-mind and couldn’t work anymore. So then she was forced into a breeding program. When she didn’t get preggers, Elephant Nature Park* was able to secure her as a new resident. But guess what! She was totally preggers! But no one knew. Then one night, bam! Navaan! And what a happy boy he is! Are you going to die from the cuteness? I plan on it.

*I love this from their site: “At ENP, there are no tricks. There are no rides. No elephant paintings can be bought. Here, these elephants are allowed to live their lives free from bullhooks, free from abuse.”


It’s fall! Let’s all dig into some delicious gourds!

Is there anything cuter than a massive feline getting down with a pumpkin? Doubt it.



Good news: Ian Somerhalder secures land for super-sanctuary!  »

I don’t know what really happened but the awesome animal sanctuary my lover Somerhalder is planning was in danger! Luckily for us, Ecorazzi has been following the story via Twitter. The land Somerhalder wanted for his sanctuary was possibly going to be “turned into a business park and transfer station.” Whatever the eff that means. But it looks like my super-hot future husband* was able to reach a deal and can now move forward with his super-awesome sanctuary. This is good news! Let’s save the animals and the kiddies!

*JK, marriage is for suckers! Born alone, die alone—that’s what I always say.


Donate to Ride to the Light! DO IT.  »

Seriously, do it! A bunch of brave souls/fitness freaks are riding their bikes for the animals and all the money raised to sponsor them goes to the three amazing animal sanctuaries they’re riding through. It’s a nifty idea, and I like it! Since bike-riding terrifies both my face (my beautiful face!) and my laziness, I will not be there in person, but I will be there in pocketbook! That is, as soon as I get paid. When that happens, I am donating a large percentage of my paycheck to the ride. When you see how much I’ve given, you will once and for all understand exactly how fucking poor I am and then maybe, just maybe, you will buy me these FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T MAKE PEOPLE STARE AT MY FEET IN FLIP FLOPS ANY LONGER. Honestly, it’s another form of animal abuse if you choose to ignore me.

Now, I will let the good people of Ride to the Light properly explain how to get involved as that’s what I do these days. Trust me, it’s better than hearing my explanation which would most likely be: CHICKENS! BIKES! PIGS! MONEY! HELPING! TOGETHER! COWS!

The Ride to the Light is a bike ride to benefit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Out To Pasture Sanctuary and Hope Animal Sanctuary. The 100-mile (century) bike ride is Saturday, Sept. 24.

We’re doing the route in reverse this year—leaving from Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio and riding to Out to Pasture in Estacada, then on to Portland for a cookout at Josh and Michelle Hooten’s house [Ed.: !!!!!!]. It’s gonna be great!

Come along for the ride or make a donation and help us reach (or even better, exceed) our goal of $15,000 for these three very worthy causes.

Contact Eric Phelps for more information via email or phone at (503) 664.0001. Please also check out our Facebook fan page to find out more about the ride, and follow us on Twitter @RideToTheLight for frequent updates.

If you’re interested in riding with us, please RSVP through our Facebook event page.


This is an adorable video of the Animal Place cows moving pastures. As Animal Place’s Marji Beach explains, “All we have to do is call, ‘Come on cows,’ and they come running. Cows were not made to sprint, so its endlessly entertaining to watch.” So cute!

I especially love the part at the end with older guy Howie who’s all, “I ain’t running for nobody! Shit!”


Update on Anne the elephant: good news?!  »

Yesterday I was totally bummed about Anne the elephant being abused but I’m feeling a bit better today! The Daily Mail did an update today and it looks very much like Anne will be retired from the circus! After public outcry regarding the terrible video of Anne being abused, an RSPCA representative and a vet specialist from Whipsnade Zoo visited Anne to assess her condition. They haven’t reported any information on her health or the condition of her severe arthritis yet but Anne’s release looks very promising!

There are a couple of great international elephant sanctuaries that have offered to take Anne but that may be a problem. There are no elephant sanctuaries in Britain and moving Anne could be especially difficult due to her health. She could end up at the Whipsnade Zoo instead of a sanctuary or the situation could be even worse, according to the Whipsnade zoological director: “Fundamentally, Anne can be rehomed and integrated with other animals, but it has to be done very carefully. The biggest and most important thing for her is she needs specialist veterinary care. Her physical state may not be very strong and a quick assessment of her arthritis may show that she is even so bad, she needs to be put down.”

But I think Anne is a tough girl! I’m not giving up hope. I hope she is strong enough to make it to a real elephant sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her days with other elephants and miles to roam. Below is a picture of some happily retired elephants at California’s Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary—one of the sanctuaries offering a home to Anne. Can you imagine her there?! That would be the best thing ever!

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