Help save a sweet duck’s life!  »

From the good folks at Harvest Home Sanctuary:

Please extend a warm, fuzzy welcome to Pohono the Injured Duckling. Earlier this week, Pohono survived a nearly fatal hit & run incident in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. This brave little bird arrived at our rescue and rehabilitation center in Stockton for special care a few hours ago. He is suffering from a serious leg injury and severe road rash. Specialists at the UC Davis Small Animal Hospital will provide emergency treatment for Pohono’s injuries. Please support Pohono’s urgent care by making a donation online.
In honor our Save-a-Life Endurance Trek this weekend in Yosemite, we’ve named our newest rescued duck after the strenuous half marathon path (The Pohono Trail) we will complete. Pohono’s bravery stands as an inspiration for our 13-mile high altitude adventure to raise $15,000 for our rescued animals’ veterinary fund.
Let’s help them raise that MONEY, HONEY! Ducks are fucking rad and Pohono needs our help! Plus, his name kinda sounds like, P HELL NO! Kinda!? 
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