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A New York staple in the veg community has fallen on hard times! Kate’s Joint needs to raise $30,000 dollars to pay back rent before April 11 or they have to close down for good:

Kate’s Joint, vegetarian restaurant and bar, has been a staple in New York City’s East Village since 1996. Solely owned and operated by neighborhood native Kate Halpern, who dreamt to create an affordable restaurant to serve the community she grew up in. Kate’s Joint has grown to become much more than just a business, it is a home for locals and travelers a like, a place to bring family and friends, and to meet new ones.

Unfortunately, with the changing neighborhood and economic recession Kate’s Joint has seen a fall in business and rise in costs. Kate is currently in arrears with the landlord. Eviction notices have been sent, court appearances have been made, and if a substantial amount of money is not raised by April 11, the next court date, the doors will shut permanently at Kate’s Joint. The East Village will lose another neighborhood landmark.

Of Kate’s Joint, Laura has proclaimed: “It’s really good!” Meave dragged an omnivore friend there once and they both loved it. (The friend became a repeat customer!) So if you can, donate! If you can’t, then at least spread the word to your rich friends! Pass this page along!

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