Meet Bunlet! Per SaveABunny,

Bunlet is an incredibly sweet, loving and brave little baby bunny. He was found abandoned in a San Francisco park with a badly broken leg. It was recommended that we allow him to get euthanized because “no one wants white rabbits—especially one with a broken leg.”

That statement broke my heart and was a deciding factor in rescuing him. Bunlet deserves to be loved and to have the chance to live a long, happy life doing binkies and dances like any other rabbit.

Won’t you be Bunlet’s Valentine this year, and throw a few dollars to SaveABunny to help this poor little guy? We love you, Bunlet! Get well soon!


Thirty seconds of two rabbits fighting over a tasty stalk of leaves. Starring Harper and Holly; brought to you by SaveABunny.



On Saturday, Nov. 5, Doc’s Clock is hosting a Happy Hour for Hoppy Endings for SaveABunny! Go have some drinks between 4 and 8 p.m., listen to music, and bid on items in a silent auction, all to benefit the buns!
Doc’s Clock is located at 2575 Mission St., between 21st and 22nd Streets, and if you like booze and bunnies—and WHO DOESN’T—you’ll be there, drinking for the rabbits.
[photo of Chi-Ana and babies via SaveABunny]


On Saturday, Nov. 5, Doc’s Clock is hosting a Happy Hour for Hoppy Endings for SaveABunny! Go have some drinks between 4 and 8 p.m., listen to music, and bid on items in a silent auction, all to benefit the buns!

Doc’s Clock is located at 2575 Mission St., between 21st and 22nd Streets, and if you like booze and bunnies—and WHO DOESN’T—you’ll be there, drinking for the rabbits.

[photo of Chi-Ana and babies via SaveABunny]


Baby and big white bunnies need homes! Adopt a white rabbit—this weekend!  »

Vegansaurus pal Emily has tiny baby foster bunnies that, as of Friday, will be old enough for you to adopt! They are classic white rabbits of the Alice in Wonderland variety and so cute I can’t even handle it. My long, rabbit-less years are a trial unto me, you guys. Someday I will adopt a rabbit and we will be best friends and finally my life will be complete.

What’s up with these bunnies? Emily says that they’re an accidental litter from one of the meat-rabbits living on ONLY RICE in Oakland. After these 22 rabbits were rescued by Oakland Animal Services at the end of June, a few of them were found to be pregnant. Emily is fostering the remaining four kits; they were originally a litter of nine, who Emily fed by syring when they weren’t eating on their own, but still only four made it. If you want to adopt one of these little precious perfect angels, Emily’s working with SaveABunny, though as of publishing time they’re not on the site.

Emily says,

White, red-eyed rabbits—like black cats, tan chihuahuas, and pit bulls of all colors—are known for being hard to get adopted. And there’s no good reason! White bunnies are often passed by by adopters looking at cute, tiny, fluffy, or lop-eared bunnies bred for looks.

Rabbits bred for looks (like dwarves or lionheads) have varying temperaments and are prone to health problems, but big white buns are generally hearty (rabbits can live 10 to 15 years) and are almost always amazingly sweet. They make good rabbits for households with children, because they are less likely to be afraid of grabbing little hands than little bunnies are.

To that end, Oakland Animal Services is having a white rabbit adoptathon this weekend! On Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. at OAS HQ (1101 29th Ave., between E. 12th and E. 10 sts. in Oakland), all white rabbits are adoptable for just a $10 fee. That is so little money for a bunny! Check out their bunnies online and see how many are white! Quite a few! You can also bring in your bunnies for a free nail-trimming, and maybe to meet their future best rabbit pal. Contact OAS for further information on this weekend’s adoption event. Contact Emily directly to learn more about adopting the baby buns.

[photo courtesy Emily via Flickr. See more of the bunnies here]


Party at SaveABunny on Saturday!  »

SaveABunny is hosting a summertime party for bun-fundraising on Saturday, July 30! They will have “amazing food, a silent auction, cool stuff, tiki drinks and BUNNIES! Guaranteed fun and guaranteed to help support our rescue work!”

How can you say no? More importantly, how can you deny the face of a bun in need? What about the tail?

You can’t, is the answer. LOOK AT THOSE FEET.

The Beach Buns and Rum Rabbits party will happen at SaveABunny HQ in Mill Valley; please RSVP by emailing or calling (415) 388.2790. Fun in the sun with a bun!


Say WHAT, Novella Carpenter?  »

Oh, dear. This woman, Novella Carpenter, she’s just your average middle-class white American afforded all the opportunities that comes with this status, yet she chooses to play “farmer held down by The Man.” It’s really only privileged white people who “choose” to be poor, isn’t it? Like it’s some powerful social act? But, you know, when they want to travel around the world, they travel around the world, and when they want to go to grad school, they go to grad school, and when they want to feed a hen 8,000 grain-calories to produce just a dozen eggs, they do it and claim it’s all in interest of improving food security. Being poor by choice has its advantages!

I could’ve given two shits about Carpenter until she had to go and make some unfounded claims about “animal people” calling the city of Oakland on her (allegedly) illegal-farm-having ass AND NOW I HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THIS WOMAN, GODDAMMIT. Ugh, all I wanted to do this morning was eat my Wheatabix and watch an episode of Arrested Development in peace and NOW THIS SHIT.

Carpenter gets dimed out for some shady farm shit—selling food when she hasn’t got a permit—and it’s front page news! The Chronicle is on her team. Super, I don’t give a fuck. But then she gets an email from some person saying it was probably animal rights people who turned her in and she posts the letter on her blog and says yes, she assumed it was in fact those meddling animal-lovers! Carpenter, don’t say that bunny lovers are after you because some person who sent you an email BELIEVES that they PROBABLY know who turned you in. What if I sent you an email telling you I BELIEVED that it was PROBABLY Willie Brown who did it? Or that it was a neighbor who secretly hates you? Maybe it’s even someone who hates animals and wants them gone? Who knows! Don’t go spouting bullshit against animal-lovers because you got some email tip from someone who believes they might know something. And then later, she’s like WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!? to the animal people, after she straight called us out on her blog. As Kanye says, that’s a pretty bad way to start a conversation.

Also guys, you know what else is low? When the city of Oakland dude told her she was being taken to task for breaking the law, she responded, “What about City Slicker Farms? Or People’s Grocery? I asked, two urban farming non-profits in Oakland. No one has complained about them.” So uh, she just dragged the legality of City Slicker Farms and People’s Grocery into a talk with a government official? Now who’s the snitch?! Wow, maybe it was another urban farmer who turned her in because they are equally petty? I wonder. Not to mention, those are two places that are WAAAAAY more useful than she’ll ever be.

This is my favorite part: “I’ll have to spend countless hours of my time (making it my 4th low paying/no paying job) so you can have a new law to enforce when one person (with money and power probably) complains about another person’s private activities. I just want to grow food for myself and other people, I don’t want to go to meetings and speak bureaucrat talk.” Um, Carpenter is a person with money and power. She has the extremely lucrative commodity of media coverage at her fingertips. I mean, she’s bitching about chard and it’s front-page news. Here’s some real news: actual oppressed individuals cannot spawn media shitstorms at will. And I’m sure as someone who studied under Michael Pollan at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, she’s got that bureaucrat talk down better than most, so cry me a goddamn river.

And really: Welcome to the world! I don’t want to register my car because it’s expensive and a pain in the ass—alert the media! If I let that registration slide and I get caught and my ass gets handed a ticket, I don’t like it, but I don’t whine “poor me” and I don’t get front-page coverage in the Chron. I also can’t open a retail store in my residentially zoned apartment WOE IS ME. Also, if she wanted to be more generous with this whole thing, at least she could say something like, “Good thing this is happening to me and not someone who really needs the food and actually can’t afford the time and money needed to lobby. I have the ability and power to seek (my version of) justice.”  A bit of fucking perspective is all I ask. You’re not some chard-martyr.

But the worst part is, in a follow up post, Carpenter encourages people to raise (and slaughter?!) their own food under the radar? I’m actually way more comfortable with these activities being overseen; I don’t trust the idiots who order chickens in the mail to take that shit seriously. Carpenter might have the time (remember! She has no real job! She’s just a simple farmer! With a book deal!), skills, and money (yes, it takes a good amount of money to raise chickens, whether it be for eggs or meat), but most people don’t. So yes, I do want laws dictating how and where people in my city can raise and slaughter animals. I’d like more laws surrounding animal agriculture in general, whether it be factory farms or you new American farmers who want to eat your pets. Given the horrific treatment of animals pretty much everywhere, we need more oversight, not less. Self-policing isn’t working.

If you can kill an animal that you raised with kindness and love for no other reason than it tastes good to you, well then you kinda freak me out. So, yeah, I’ll continue to spend the majority of my time railing against factory farms, but just like you, Carpenter, I’ve got extra time, and so heeeeey what’s up, girl! If you want to team up on factory farming issues (and hell, even organic farming issues), holler, I’m all for it. However, don’t drag “rabbit fanatics” into this and force me to read your blog. I was much happier having no clue who you are.

To tie this long-ass rant up, a picture of a cute-ass bunny, Surya, who is up for adoption at SaveABunny (Sorry, Carpenter, she’s not for eating, she’s for snuggling!)
Blog post title gaffled from the always awesome Say what, Michael Pollan?


Meet the SaveABunny bunnies this Saturday!   »

SaveABunny in SF is hosting Meet the Bunnies this Saturday at Pets Unlimited! Come on down and check out the buns. I’m pretty partial to this sexy lady above. Her name is Siren! Sexy Siren. Look at her, putting her little foot out. She’s all, “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Damn, Siren, that was deep!

You can meet the bunnies on Saturday, Apr. 2, from noon to 3 p.m. at Pets Unlimited, 2343 Fillmore St. in San Francisco.


Good morning, adorable! SaveABunny has BABY BUNNIES! On July 26, Cybele the rabbit was dumped at San Francisco Animal Care and Control, and two days later she popped out a passel of kits (and adult rabbits are “bucks” and “does,” respectively). Good job, mama. There are four* little bitty baby buns, two sisters and two brothers, and they are too young to adopt yet but oh when they are weaned HELLO NEW BEST FRIENDS.

Honestly, just when you think there’s nothing cuter than a bunny video, a baby bunny video appears and basically blinds you with its adorability. Everything that isn’t a baby bunny is hideous to me now. Get out of my sight, fawns. Back off, tiny owls. Even orphan sloths in sock-pajamas look like gargoyles in the brilliant light of these brand-new baby bunnies. Do you think they have a special baby-bunny smell, like baby humans? I want to touch noses with them. You guys I am dead, over here. Dead.

If you’re interested in giving this little family a foster home, get in touch with SaveABunny! They would love to hear from you.

*Yes, there are five little munchkins in the video, but the teensiest one has since died.

UPDATE: Here is ANOTHER VIDEO OF BABY BUNNIES! These are ORPHAN, DWARF BABY BUNNIES, and a very nice man is BOTTLE-FEEDING THEM. Yes, dwarf buns, as in the kind who grow up to be as “big” (read: teeneh-tineh) as Official Vegansaurus Bun Nibbler, who weighs all of 2.5 pounds. Check this out and try not to die all over again. Criminy Christmas, SaveABunny, it is too early in the morning to double the heartbreaking cuteness on a person.

[can’t see this video? watch it at!] 


Rabbit, delicious rabbit  »

Welcome to our national nightmare: killing really cute animals, for the environment! What? Yes, and also to expand our narrow palates, which are so embarrassingly American (everything tastes like chicken!). If only we were as sophisticated as the French, while as self-reliant as migrant workers in a Dorothea Lange photograph (only less dusty because ugh)! Plus, the environment needs saving, and also Slow Food and eating locally and getting your food blog nominated for internet awards, plus being a total badass (read: getting a feature in Meatpaper magazine)—how can one person do it all? It is most perplexing.

Thank goodness The New York Times knows: kill, butcher, and eat your own rabbits! No, not even kidding a little bit; this is THE answer to all of the “problems” of wealthy, conscience-plagued omnivores with time on their hands and bloodlust in their hearts. It’s not evil, though, because the rabbits are raised on small farms, and the babies are left with their mothers for eight of the 12 weeks they live on those farms before they’re killed. It’s so humane! Serious Eats actually made a video of John Fazio’s rabbit farm, in which you can see some baby bunnies in a nest their mother made of her own fur. It’s super-great to see how “happy” the rabbits look in their tiny wire-floor cages! Honestly, I could not watch this video past 1:23, where Fazio reaches into such a nest to pet some of the babies; it was too depressing. You all are welcome to finish it, though, and report back on how it ends. This farm also features in the Times article; apparently his signature is selling rabbit carcasses with their heads still attached. Delightful.

Adorably, the Times Dining section photo editor also popped by to write a little post about all the different photos that Jennifer May took of the rabbits on Fazio’s farm. And with so many pictures, how to find the one that “carefully illustrate[s] this sensitive topic”—i.e., doesn’t make you rise up with pitchforks against everyone involved in the article? Turns out the ideal image is “the one that says ‘deal with it.’” HAR HAR, Dining section Photo Editor Tiina Loite! You are the wittiest! Just cold putting it out there, all that hard truth.

I think the best part of the pro-eating-rabbit argument is how it’s supposed to be all economic and awesome, but the “how to murder, cut up and cook bunnies” class cost $100 per person and some of its participants had to fly cross-country to attend. That is super-environmentally friendly, for sure. Beware the photos from this event—some of them are quite nasty. The Pasternaks, who run a rabbit farm in Marin County, actually “travel regularly to Haiti to teach families to raise rabbits on foraged food.” Clever! Of course, rabbits’ and humans’ diets do not differ so significantly, meaning that the food a rabbit is eating could be food for a human; “[a] seven-pound live rabbit might weigh four pounds cleaned;” and [i]n the kitchen, rabbit can be a challenge,” but YES, let’s teach poor people to raise rabbits for food. That is definitely a smart idea.

Whatever. Murder rabbits for fun and profit and patriotism and the economy and the environment and individualism and liberty and every other excuse you need to invent to get yourself through it. You know it’s disgusting. We know it’s disgusting. At least we can sleep at night, knowing our efforts to be better citizens of the world and eat lots of exciting foods don’t involve the slaughter of innocents.


This is Niblet, repping for friend of Vegansaurus’ SaveABunny on Cute Overload. What’s up, Niblet? Any of you Vegansaurs want to give Niblet a home? Maybe you should, he looks to be composed of exactly 100 percent adorability.

This is Niblet, repping for friend of Vegansaurus’ SaveABunny on Cute Overload. What’s up, Niblet? Any of you Vegansaurs want to give Niblet a home? Maybe you should, he looks to be composed of exactly 100 percent adorability.

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