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This Saturday, January 11th, at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena, CA, Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD, and Sayward Rebhal, vegan lifestyle coach, and author of Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, will give a short presentation with an open discussion exploring this issue.

Some questions they will explore:

  • Why do people stop being vegan? 
  • Are there valid health reasons to go back to eating animal products? 
  • Are the health claims about the benefits of veganism unrealistic? 
  • What can our community do better to improve vegan retention?

I will probably be sitting in the back row, quietly observing and weeping (since confrontations make me anxious…which I should probably explore in therapy) and will write a post-event recap. Hopefully there won’t be anyone throwing down the vegan gauntlet (how often can I use that idiom?). 

For more info (and interesting comments to read), visit the Facebook event page.

Also, why does the word, “phenomena,” always make me think of this song (sorry in advance)?  [Megan Rascal note: sorry? I fracking love that song!]

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