Emergency! A vegan and her dog need our help!  »

Leesah, a vegan for 18 years,* found out her dog Schultz has aural hematomas and needs surgery within days. Schultz’s ear is filling up with blood and fluid and it sounds hella awful. Leesah went to the low-cost vet mobile and they were able to drain the ear a little, but it’s filling up with fluid again and they say it will continue to do so until it bursts.

You see the need for the operation. However, the vet mobile people quoted the surgery at about $600, which Leesah does not have. She’s been able to raise a little but has a ways to go. I’m hoping we can rally the community to help poor Schultz! 

Leesah has set up a ChipIn page where you can easily donate. I haven’t met Leesah but we’ve been in contact via email after Pets for Life NYC told her we might be able to help. If you want to contact Leesah directly, email me and I’ll put you in touch. At the bottom is her invoice from the low-cost vet mobile. 

Leesah says Schultz saved her from depression and she loves him very much! I saw he’s super cute and I’m sad for him!

*Update: I thought she was 18, that’s actually how long she’s been vegan! My bad, I was confused.

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