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Gothamist asks, "Is Vegetarianism Dead?" a three-paragraph article based on a trend piece called "Flesh Mob" published in the New York Post, and gets—at last count—nearly 90 comments. Someone more cynical might call that the textual equivalent of taking your top off, but who’s cynical? Not us! We love our omnivorous friends. All of you are really great, seriously. Yes, even you with the “vegans are so malnourished” jokes, and you with the “isn’t a fat vegan an oxymoron” jokes, and all of you who despise “vegan food” without ever having tasted anything explicity labeled as such. Really, you’re the best.

See, it’s 2010, and we’re over your bullshit trend stories that cite like two biased sources based on one restaurant’s menu change. We’re extra-over your attempts to piggyback on those sad trend stories by writing what amounts to a self-promotional link dump, in which 10 of the 14 links are to your own site. What do you want, a gold star for having predicted a trend that doesn’t actually exist? We’d offer you a cookie, but it’s vegan and you probably wouldn’t eat it.

One formerly vegan restaurant in New York City started serving meat this year, and we’re sorry to have lost it. Does that mean that the entire veg world has abandoned its lifestyle practices? Nope. How many veg restaurants opened last year? Taking a local example, Babycakes published a cookbook, and expanded to Los Angeles; it looks like the last time you reported on them, Gothamist, was in April. Are you sure that this “conscientious carnivorism” that Scott Gold (a Vegansaurus Person Who Needs to Shut Up) is so crazy about actually exists, or that New York Times article on people eating raw meat as a “lifestyle choice” (which, SHUT UP) get you too excited to write articles based in reality?

Vegans, chill; we know we are in the right; nonsense like this doesn’t deserve anything more than an eye-roll. Keep on supporting your local veg businesses, and ignore the bullshit. There are too many good meals to have, too many good causes to support, too many good articles to read to waste your time with stuff like this.

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