UN Court calls bullshit on Japan’s whaling program!  »


Image from Greenpeace.

Yay! The International Court of Justice has ordered a temporary halt on Japan’s annual whale slaughter! The UN Court does not think the program is truly in the name of science (screw science anyway, save all the whales!). And according to BBC, Japan said it will honor the ruling. 

From NYT:

Reading a summary of the judgment, presiding Judge Peter Tomka of Slovakia said that the present “research program,” dating to 2005, has involved the killing of 3,600 minke whales and a number of fin whales, but that its “scientific output to date appears limited.” The ruling suggested instead that Japan’s whaling hunt served political and economic reasons.

Lawyers attending the proceedings said there was a gasp in the audience when Judge Tomka ordered Japan to immediately “revoke all whaling permits” and not issue any new ones under the existing program.

AWESOME! Let’s hope it sticks!!!

A final note from Captain Alex Cornelissen of the deservedly proud Sea Shepherd Global

Though Japan’s unrelenting harpoons have continued to drive many species of whales toward extinction, Sea Shepherd is hopeful that in the wake of the ICJ’s ruling, it is whaling that will be driven into the pages of the history books.



NYC: Vegan Drinks is TONIGHT!  »

You heard it here last! NYC Vegan Drinks is tonight. Myself and my pal Grand Format will be spinning the best in adult contemporary all night long. There will also be yummy food and the proceeds from the night will go to Sea Shepherd! So you best come. 

BTW, have you seen Vegan Drinks’ new site and logo? LOOKS DOPE!


Dolphins call each other by their name! Because they are the best!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Dolphins have names for each other! I guess they already knew dolphins named themselves, but this new study discovered that they will call each other by names, especially when they are separated.

"Animals produced copies when they were separated from a close associate and this supports our belief that dolphins copy another animal’s signature whistle when they want to reunite with that specific individual," lead author Stephanie King of the University of St. Andrews Sea Mammal Research Unit told Discovery News.

So of course they totally harassed dolphin mamas and babies to find this out but we can still appreciate the implications of the science even if we disapprove of the methods: dolphins are awesome!

If you want to help dolphins, who are slaughtered by the thousands every year (not to mention help captive in shameful zoos and aquariums), check out Sea Shepherd’s dolphin initiatives


NYC: Sea Shepherd’s Whalentine’s Day Bakesale!  »


Hey guys! The cool people from Sea Shepherd, NYC are having a cool bakesale this Sunday! I’ve been meaning to go to Mooshoes anyway, I’m past due for some new shoes. Well, not really. I just want some. Don’t judge me!

Bakesale details:

What: Whalentine’s Day Bake Sale to benefit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Where: MooShoes, 78 Orchard Street, NYC
When: Sunday, Feb. 17th, 12:30-5:30 PM (volunteers and bakers welcome starting at noon)
Join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, NYC chapter for our annual winter bake sale to support our vital ocean conservation work. From the Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan monitoring the dolphin capture and slaughter to the partnership with the park rangers in the Galapagos to campaigns in the Mediterranean to stop poaching of Bluefin tuna and exposing the slaughter of seals in Namibia, Sea Shepherd is on the front line of protecting the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. Come eat some savory or sweet vegan treats, purchase official Sea Shepherd merchandise, and learn how you can get involved in Sea Shepherd’s work.

If baked goods aren’t your thing, come by anyway! MooShoes is donating 10% of the day’s sales to Sea Shepherd so you can support marine conservation without even having to chew.

Please bring a container if you plan to take home any of your treats. 
Sign up to bake hereAny questions? Email


NYC: The Whalentine’s Day Bake Sale is Feb. 12!  »

I’m sure you can read the above flyer, so I will not repeat the details, but I will ask you: What could be better than Mooshoes, yummy vegan baked goods and saving whales?! Pro tip: nothing!

You can still sign up to bring baked goods, all the info regarding that is on their Facebook page. If you are just coming to shop, they ask that you bring your own containers to take your yums home, so we keep the environmental impact to a minimum! Good thinking.

From what I hear, there will be chocolate lollipops, Rice Krispies treats, carrot cake, croissants—not to mention mini cupcakes, mini donuts, and mini pies! I love a mini treat. You know what else I love? SHOES*. So be there or be, etc.

*UPDATE: I hear Mooshoes will be donating 10% of all in-store sales that day to Sea Shepherd! Go Mooshoes!


Guest post: Japan resumes whaling, I resume crying  »

I’ve been following the updates from Taiji, Japan on Twitter—Taiji is where The Cove was filmed, and where every year dolphins are slaughtered in a cove for low-priced and mercury-laden meat after the ones suitable for “fun” (read: awful) places like SeaWorld are picked out and sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Sad things happen there. Sea Shepherd is in Japan bearing witness to the dolphins killed in Taiji in the hopes that the world will take notice and put pressure on Japan to stop it.

This created chunks of sadness in my Twitter feed—between videos about cute cats and Vegan MoFo blog posts—and now I’ve started seeing tweets about this as well: Japan is going to resume its “scientific” whaling program after stopping it due to pressure from groups like Sea Shepherd. (I put “scientific” in quotes because that’s totally not the case.) Why you gotta do me like this, Japan?!

Officials announced on Tuesday that Japan will resume whale hunting in the Southern Ocean this winter, and stated their intentions to protect their ships.

"The Fisheries Agency will send a patrol boat and take increased measures to strengthen the protection given to the research whaling ships," Fisheries Minister Michihiko Kano said at a news conference Tuesday.

Fortunately, the Sea Shepherd crew are a bunch of badasses and don’t plan to make the hunt easy for Japan.

They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again…. We will undertake whatever risks to our lives will be required to stop this invasion of arrogant greed into what is an established sanctuary for the whales.

That’s from a statement by Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson, who says that more than 100 people will be in the Southern Ocean to block the Japanese whaling fleet. How can you help? For starters, you can support Sea Shepherd so they can continue their work. You can sign a petition against whaling at Whales Revenge. You can write to your government reps to make it clear you don’t support whaling, and you want them to make their lack of support for whaling known as well. Adopt a whale from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. And you could talk to people about why whales are awesome and whaling is not, and encourage them to take action too. Highly recommended: following Sea Shepherd’s updates, online and/or Twitter.

Have any other suggestions on how awesome Vegansaurus readers can fight whaling in the Southern Ocean? Tell us about them in the comments!

photo by John Krzesinski via Flickr


Top 10 links of the week: A bike ride through the forest of veganism!  »

Hummus taste test at Kitchen Daily! Of course Philadelphia’s own Bobbi’s hummus rates high. It’s the best! Have you tried their white bean dip? Holy. Cannoli.

Cows have BFFs! This is important because if you keep them with their pals, they produce more milk. It also may be good for their welfare, but who cares about that!

Grist wants to know if you’d eat mutant meat! We of course wouldn’t, but crazy omnis prob already do.

PCRM wants you to help stop the terrible ferret lab at the University of Washington! Who would hurt a ferret?!

Treehugger discusses what happens when we remove the large animals from our ecosystem. Spoiler: It’s bad! Hey guys, what’s your favorite large animal?! Mine is of course elephants but everyone knows that!

Have you been keeping up with the war on wolves (I just coined that!)? Stay up to date! Defenders of Wildlife will help!

Vegan musicians are more than a trend! Agree/disagree? Who’s your favorite vegan musician?

Animal Planet has 10 animals channeling Harry Potter characters! So. Funny.

National Geographic has the story on wildlife in Afghanistan war zones—they are doing kind of OK!

If you’ve got the cash, look what you can buy from the Sea Shepherd art show:
I’m into it. This jawn is hot.


Poster from this year’s Sea Shepherd’s 2011 Sea No Evil Art Show. How dope is it? Hint: SO DOPE. I’m jealous of you Californians who are going to this. Dudes, take pictures and tell me how it is! Or buy me art! Or just get me a poster! I really want one! I will love you forever! (Pish, as if I could love you any more than I already do)
2011 SEA NO EVIL ART SHOWBenefiting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Saturday, June 25; doors open at 6 p.m. 3485 Mission Inn Ave, corner of Mission Inn and Lemon in Riverside, Calif.

Poster from this year’s Sea Shepherd’s 2011 Sea No Evil Art Show. How dope is it? Hint: SO DOPE. I’m jealous of you Californians who are going to this. Dudes, take pictures and tell me how it is! Or buy me art! Or just get me a poster! I really want one! I will love you forever! (Pish, as if I could love you any more than I already do)


Benefiting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Saturday, June 25; doors open at 6 p.m. 3485 Mission Inn Ave, corner of Mission Inn and Lemon in Riverside, Calif.


Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson—he’s so totally the man. My favorite part: “We’re just insane.” Because people are TOTALLY INSANE. Except me. I’m like Princess Sane-a-lot. It’s exhausting.


Japan suspends whale-hunting, Colbert weighs in!  »

That’s right! The awesome powers of Sea Shepherd have totally freaked out the Japanese government and they have suspended this year’s whale hunt. Goddamn that’s awesome! See? Sometimes super great things happen! The suspension is only temporary but still, it rules.

Here’s the Colbert clip (plus some):

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

OMJesus I’m so excited! I love the whales! I love Sea Shepherd! Let’s celebrate! I feel like we need some Sea Shepherd fan-art. Anybody?!

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