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It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

Happy Meatless Monday! TIME’s great new feature, “The Meatless (and Less Meat) Revolution,” may make you even happier.

More good news: Wendy’s is joining McDonald’s in requiring pork suppliers to outline their plans to end the use of gestation crates. And on that topic, the Kansas City Star has a good story entitled “Humane Society says Seaboard dishonest about its treatment of hogs.”

Yes, even more good news: Major dairy industry trade publication Hoard’s Dairyman editorialized in favor of ending tail-docking of dairy cows.

And here’s a compelling piece in The Atlantic by a former HSUS undercover investigator about his views on ag-gag laws.

Finally, as both a man and a vegan, I’m apparently qualified to do a live twitter chat about vegan men, hosted by VegNews Magazine, this Wed at 9pm ET (I’m @pshapiro on twitter). Hope to see you there!

P.S. Photo of the week:

Yes, I met Angela from “The Office.” Turns out she really does have a cat (and she’s very nice). And for your video this week: No dancing goat, but rather a trailer for a provocative new film I’m glad to be interviewed in: Speciesism The Movie.

You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pshapiro.

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