Gather is a fancy-ass new restaurant in Berkeley brought to you by a former Millennium chef! Sorry about this title, I can’t do better right now. MY APOLOGIES.  »

Millennium, you just can’t stop. And we don’t want you to. Hot on the heels of Eric Tucker’s Encuentro, another Millennium chef, Sean Baker, opens Gather in Berkeley. It’s stated on the site that the restaurant will always be 50 percent omni (read: meaty meat) and 50 percent vegetarian—so what, 25 percent vegan? Not bad for the obnoxious bougie eating scene in the gourmet ghetto of Berkeley.

The menus (warning: it’s PDF. GOD SO ANNOYING) have clearly marked vegan options (clearly marked gluten-free options too, kinda snazzy), including pizzas and main dishes. Nothing looks too inspired but might be a good choice for a place to take family members who simply can’t live without their cheek-of-dead-pig salad BARF.

Worth noting that there are no vegan desserts on the menu and I cannot stand for that. Dude, you came from MILLENNIUM, you know what’s up. Hire a pastry chef with some fucking skillz. Shit, it’s like backwards day around here.

Bonus points for a full bar. I love a full bar. Minus points for having drinks with egg whites (what’s with that? salmonella, anyone?) and another one called the “spajito”. That just sounds gross to me. Further, I’ll totally order one.

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