Janet Jackson loses a SUPERFAN over fur line (why Janet, why?)  »

It’s a sad, sad day in the world of animal lovin’ (not wearin’) Janet Jackson fans. Ms “I can get down with some faux chicken nuggets” Nasty, in collaboration with Blackglama, is launching a mink fur line, set to hit high-end retailers just in time for New Year’s. What what? EX-superfan, Sean Olsterdorf of Michigan, is not pleased and is therefore auctioning off ALL of his 25 years-in-the-making Janet memorabilia collection of vinyls, posters, pictures, and magazines, and donating the proceeds to PETA.

Janet modeling dead animals.
Sean says, “I am a long-time Janet Jackson fan—or I should say I used to be. I am disgusted and have decided I want to auction off my entire 25 years-plus of Janet items and donate the proceeds to PETA. I have three rescued chinchillas and find Janet’s decision reprehensible.”

Props, Sean! I know it must be hurting you (even if it’s just a little) to part with that massive collection. Also, where did you keep all this stuff? Was it showcased around your apartment? Did it keep you from getting dates? My sister has been collecting 311 memorabilia for the last 12 years, but lucky for her, she married another superfan, so they can, like, decorate their house with that shit together.
(Let’s not talk about my No Doubt memorabilia and the fact that I am so very single.)

[Photo from Rocco Laspata/Blackglama]

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