Celebrate vegan Passover with the Girlie Girl Army!  »

Vegan powerhouse Chloe Jo Davis does an annual guide to an animal-friendly Passover, and this year she’s got brand-new recipes for Passover Pizza, matzoh chocolate brittle, and Harriet’s charoset (recommended usage: ice cream topping!). 

Are you observing Passover this year? If you are, surely you know it begins at sundown today and lasts seven nights. How vegan will your table be?

[photo by mollyjade via Flickr]


With matzo love, happy Pesach!   »

As a gentile who has been called a shiksa by more than one grandmother, let me say to you from the bottom of my heart: HAPPY PESACH! And also, “Whatever, your grandson can date who he wants! I kid, don’t murder me!”

Now, onto the food, the most important part of any holiday. Here’s a recipe from the no-longer-updated-but-still-beloved heeb’n’vegan for sweet potato dumplings in tomato-Brazil nut sauce! I will soon be eating this in solidarity with the holiday and also, all things delicious! Then, I’ll be drinking several of these cocktails inspired by the Seder plate. Gotta love the holidays!

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