Calling all vegan bakers! Let’s flood Pie or Die!  »

OK bakers, let’s do this! Pie or Die!…Part Deux is coming to San Francisco, courtesy of SF Food Wars. It’s being held at the Ferry Building and they are looking for competitors! Pull out your aprons, your oven mitts, your rolling pins and get to work! Be creative, be classic, I don’t care, just make the best vegan pie of your life! (or, pies? You must make enough to sample out to at least 70 peeps.) Enter to compete here.

The competition takes place Saturday, June 12 and is free to enter, but space is limited to 20 competitors, so sign up RIGHT NOW!! Don’t even worry about finishing this post. Seriously. Sign up. Now. Pie must be sweet (as opposed to savory) and feature at least one ingredient from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. You can do this! Vegansaurus believes in you! [Ed.: And VEGANS HAVE WON BEFORE! So get up on this!]

Proceeds benefit the SF Food Bank and the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture.


Meet Isa Chandra Moskowitz and eat free food!  »

Do any two things go together better? Well, maybe pudding and sex? Until it really doesn’t. Anyway! Ms. Moskowitz, who can make a meal if you left her on a desert island with nothing but a nail clipper and some Pokemon trading cards (that should be a reality show), will be in San Francisco this Saturday, Feb. 12. At 11:45 a.m. at the Ferry Building, she’ll be cooking up dishes from her latest cookbook, Appetite for Reduction. I own this cookbook and every recipe I’ve made has been stellar so this is sure to be a treat. Plus, you know you love Isa and want to meet her face-to-face in a non-creepy way. No more calling and hanging up, it’s unbecoming.

RSVP on Facebook, you big weirdo stalker/soon-to-be Isa bff.

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