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No, seriously. What will these wacky rich idiots think of next!? Since we’re already devolving into a dystopian society, let’s just say FUCK IT and eat dead baby gorillas and start using the backs of orphans as our main mode of transportation (eco-friendlier!). Actually, you know what, the eating gorillas and riding around on orphan backs makes MORE sense than these fucking hair extensions, because people need to eat and get places.

Even fur coats can have a usebut this is for absolutely no reason. It’s like using meat to wipe your ass. These fur hair extensions are like two idiotic tastes that taste worse together. Kinda like putting those chrome balls on your hummer.

I especially love that the blogger calls it a “pain-free process.” Really, bitch? Tell that to the chinchilla who was anally and vaginally electrocuted so you could wear tacky-ass cultural appropriation creepiness in your stringy hair. The only reason I regret writing this is that their TERRIBLE blog might get some hits today. SF Indie Fashion, go fuck yourself.

Updated 3/25/11:
Sonja from Rubio & Raven Salon, where the fur hair extensions were sold, wrote this on Yelp:

"I never expected this kind of response and cruelty to animals was honestly the furthest thing from my mind. My purpose was not to upset so many people and so, I will no longer be offering this service. Thank you for your passion and I hope that you will take down your review as I am now on your side. Thank you and sincerely, Sonja Ritchey"

This is rad! Yay, Sonja!

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