SFACC Needs Towels for the Animals!  »

If you have any extra towels laying around, please bring them to SFACC (1200 15th Street at Harrison). They’re open from 11 am to 6 pm everyday, and until 7 pm on Wednesdays (that’s TODAY!). They don’t care if the towels are frayed or stained, as long as they’re clean! If you can help with this critical shortage, you are a superstar and the greatest and will be rewarded with many pit bull kisses when you inevitably get to heaven!

[pic via FunnyCoolStuff]


Make San Francisco a No-Kill City TUESDAY NIGHT!  »

We need people to show up to the Animal Welfare Commission meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m. in room 408 of San Francisco City Hall. Find City Hall at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, right off the Civic Center Bart/Muni station!

Adoptable animals are being killed in SF shelters, and if you’d like to express your opinion about making SF a no-kill city, PLEASE COME! The fact is thousands of adoptable animals are put down every year because they fail a ridiculously hard temperament test, or have minor health problems, or are too old, or are a breed considered “violent” and “dangerous.” You know, racism.

Here’s exactly what they’ll be discussing:

5. Unfinished Business
A) The Commission will discuss and take possible action to table indefinitely the issue of whether or not San Francisco should mandate that all city shelters not euthanize any adoptable animal or any animal that would be adoptable after behavioral or medical intervention. The Commission has discussed various aspects of this issue over the course of the past two years. In May 2010, the Commission said it would revisit the issue in three months, and this agenda item fulfills that commitment. [Discussion/Action Item] [Commissioner Brooks]

San Francisco does an admirable job of re-homing thousands of homeless animals each year, far better than most cities, but we do have the resources, the rescue groups, and the ability to make that number even higher. The more pressure we put on the city to make this happen, the more likely it will happen. It’ll take less than an hour of your time and has the potential to help thousands and thousands of animals. Plus, you get to see our government! at! work! And usually a fair amount of crazy people, too. You know you love it.

See you there!


Good morning, adorable! SaveABunny has BABY BUNNIES! On July 26, Cybele the rabbit was dumped at San Francisco Animal Care and Control, and two days later she popped out a passel of kits (and adult rabbits are “bucks” and “does,” respectively). Good job, mama. There are four* little bitty baby buns, two sisters and two brothers, and they are too young to adopt yet but oh when they are weaned HELLO NEW BEST FRIENDS.

Honestly, just when you think there’s nothing cuter than a bunny video, a baby bunny video appears and basically blinds you with its adorability. Everything that isn’t a baby bunny is hideous to me now. Get out of my sight, fawns. Back off, tiny owls. Even orphan sloths in sock-pajamas look like gargoyles in the brilliant light of these brand-new baby bunnies. Do you think they have a special baby-bunny smell, like baby humans? I want to touch noses with them. You guys I am dead, over here. Dead.

If you’re interested in giving this little family a foster home, get in touch with SaveABunny! They would love to hear from you.

*Yes, there are five little munchkins in the video, but the teensiest one has since died.

UPDATE: Here is ANOTHER VIDEO OF BABY BUNNIES! These are ORPHAN, DWARF BABY BUNNIES, and a very nice man is BOTTLE-FEEDING THEM. Yes, dwarf buns, as in the kind who grow up to be as “big” (read: teeneh-tineh) as Official Vegansaurus Bun Nibbler, who weighs all of 2.5 pounds. Check this out and try not to die all over again. Criminy Christmas, SaveABunny, it is too early in the morning to double the heartbreaking cuteness on a person.

[can’t see this video? watch it at!] 


SFACC and SFSPCA swamped with cats and kittens!  »

That's Chloe! Adopt her cute ass!If you’ve been contemplating a kitty companion, now is the time! Head to SFACC or SFSPCA (or both! They’re right next to each other!) and get your new feline best friend! The shelters are over flowing with cuddly cuteness because of the down economy. Stupid people. Stupid economy. Depression 2.0, it just got personal. Actually, it was personal about a year and a half ago, but you’ve just renewed my disgust.

If you’re not super-keen on adopting but want to help out, I bet you could foster through Give Me Shelter cat rescue. Be persistent if a rescue person doesn’t get back to you! Keep calling! They’re often overwhelmed trying to keep everything in order while receiving no pay and working other full time jobs so don’t be bummed/miffed [Ed.: heh] if they don’t get back to you right away. Just keep trying! It’ll happen! And you’ll save some lives in the process and that makes you a real life Super(Wo)Man. Awww…

[via ABC Local, photo is of Chloe from SFACC! Adopt her cute ass!]

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