Vodka party at Gracias Madre with fat ducks and fashion kitties in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Via Pawesome, we’ve learned that United Bamboo’s 2011 cats-in-clothing calendar is available to order right now! How will the other kitties be dressed?

Ms. Unterman of the SF Examiner fell in love with Gracias Madre, and Jun Belen thought No Worries is doing a good job, so far. In the Sacramento Valley, a man shot a duck, and discovered she had eaten herself an extremely engorged liver—foie gras-style, in fact. Real live naturally occurring foie gras, in pintail ducks eating oodles of rice! Neat! Unfortunately it’s just not as delicious as “real” foie gras, so they’ll just have to keep gavaging those geese (until all of those selfish creeps die). Shucks.

Feeling blue? How about some vodka? Barnivore will help you choose the brand, and this magnificent guide will teach you how to drink it properly. Once it gets cold (ha ha global warming, it’ll never dip below 50, right?), let’s have vodka and spicy + salty hors d’œuvres parties. I am particularly looking forward to the part where you “[b]reathe out loudly through your mouth emitting an animal noise.” I mean. Perhaps someone could try this hummus recipe by Nick Kindelsperger of The Paupered Chef? He does make it sound amazing, and not too terribly difficult.

Peta strikes again! Ingrid Newkirk herself has offered to put $10,000 toward Lindsay Lohan’s rehab bill if LiLo will go vegan for the remainder of her rehab, and if she maintains her vegan diet for an entire year, Peta will give her another $10,000. Who feels good about donating to Peta? LiLo hasn’t taken Peta up on Ms. Newkirk’s offer yet, but YOU NEVER KNOW. But it’s not like Peta has any standards for their celebrity spokesmodels, so why not another wearer of fur and leather?

Best part of Friday: The Week in Vegan, by our Laura for SF Weekly!

If you’re at odds and ends this weekend, have a look at the events post! Are there stories you’d like us to cover? Let us know! See you around, pals.


Annals of self-promotion: we’re angry about additives!  »

Laura wrote about eggs in veggie food products like Quorn and Lightlife for SF Weekly! Using eggs in otherwise vegan products is unnecessary and inconvenient and what the hell, companies?

Meave got angry about gelatin hiding everywhere. Seriously, everywhere! Every time the pretty ladies in the commercials say “collagen,” imagine “bone from the slaughter of cattle [that] is cleaned, degreased, dried, sorted, and crushed to a particle size of about 1-2 cm. The pieces of bone are then treated with dilute hydrochloric acid to remove mineral salts. The resulting sponge-like material is called ossein.” Yeah. A "sponge-like material" made from dead cows’ bones. That’s what you’re slapping on your faces, and you can’t even absorb it through your skin!

What are you all raging about today?


Annals of self-promotion: Best practices for being authentically Slow Food  »

From today’s SFoodie:

Important: Slow food doesn’t mean eating Snooki (or anyone else who is “slow” mentally). Besides, that shit is definitely NOT organic. Slow Food is an eating movement that counteracts fast food and fast life, and connects us with the Earth and its Magical Bounty.
Basically, it’s the dietary equivalent of Sting and Ms. Sting’s sex life. Yum!

Read the rest of Laura’s piece to learn how to properly discuss Slow Food, who has a secret Slow Food blog, and more! George Takei’s preserved head is so excited he can’t hold onto the heirloom gourd sacrifice he’s prepared for his kitten’s head god!


Gimme gimme gimme Onigilly’s onigiri!  »

Oh my goodness gracious you guys, am I dreaming? Possibly, possibly I am dreaming. Just look at this photo from SFoodie and tell me it doesn’t look like a meal heaven would serve (if there were a heaven, etc. etc.)

[photo by John Birdsall for SFoodie]

Do you know onigiri? It is only the most delicious and perfect savory snack in the entire world, is what it is. I learned of it lo these many years ago, on a trip to Japan to visit a beloved friend of mine. On a courtesy break during a bus ride from Matsumoto to Tokyo, she bought snacks, and when she got back on the bus she handed me a sort of three-dimensional triangle of rice, the middle wrapped in nori, covered in plastic. I unwrapped it, bit into it, and Oh, oh! It was amazing. But when I got to the middle, that’s when I fell in love with onigiri forever: hiding in the center of that perfectly shaped triangle was an umeboshi. A whole one, its little pit intact. The flavor! The tangy rice, the roasted nori, the sharp salty umeboshi—and the textures! And the size of the onigiri, just right to hold in your hand, the rice shaped and packed and wrapped to prevent spilling! I swear, with enough fillings—no, let’s be honest—with enough umeboshi I could live on onigiri forever.

The glad tidings SFoodie brings us today, of a new food cart in Justin Herman Plaza called Onigilly, about blew my mind. And that two of the three onigiri fillings are vegan? O glorious day! Even better: Onigilly specifies which of their daily dishes are vegan! Seriously, I am dead. Dead of anticipatory happiness.


Donut Farm—where’s the review?  »

Imagine our shock when this little item popped up on our reader this morning: John Birdsall visits Donut Farm and, uh, kind of likes it? Hard to say, really. That an omnivorous food writer didn’t say 100 percent terrible things about vegan donuts didn’t shock us, though; your Vegansaurus knows that vegan food is appealing to people of many tastes, and expects food writers not to be prejudiced jerks. What shocked us was the absence of our review of Donut Farm!

Our Laura was invited by the adorable, talented Josh Levine to come visit for Pepples Donuts’ first weekend in its new home, but did she go? NO. She says she’s been busy cleaning dog shit up in her apartment, because at this point in Hazel’s recovery—which is going very well—she’s not allowed any movement, which we assume means “no going outside to relieve herself.” Lucky Hazel and Laura and Jonas!

That does sound like a valid excuse. Still, your Vegansaurus is shamed by this incident, and will try very hard not to let it happen again. Laura promises to visit Donut Farm as soon as she can, so don’t worry (too much—worry a little, it makes us feel loved), a review is coming! Until now, tide yourselves over with the SFoodie report. Sorry about that.


Weekend events spectacular!  »

You guys! There are so many events this weekend, we can’t even take it! If we included them with this week’s link-o-rama, the post would be about a mile long, which we cannot inflict on you, so here’s an extra-special events-only post. Have fun, everyone!

Friday, Sept. 24
Farm Film Night at Hayes Valley Farm! Jordan already gave you the details yesterday, but here are the quick details: Event starts at 6 p.m., film, Vanishing of the Bees, at sundown; raffles and snacks; $5 suggested donation. Hayes Valley Farm is located at 450 Laguna St. at Fell Street.

Saturday, Sept. 25
It’s International Rabbit Day! Come celebrate at the House Rabbit Society at 148 Broadway in Richmond! They have all kinds of amusements planned, like bunny-petting face-painting and a Hop Shop sale, and food including a bake sale, snow cones, and a cake walk! It is true, people still organize and participate in cake walks. Obviously, there will be many rabbits present in need of permanent and foster homes, so even if you hate face-painting and snow cones, you should still come out to HRS HQ to meet the buns. Fostering an animal is a wonderful way to see if you’re ready for animal-companionship on a permanent basis.

It’s also the first day of the Great Big Vegan Garage Sale at VegNews! Laura brought you the news yesterday, so here’s the rundown: It’s happening from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 3620 Wawona St. at 47th Avenue, and basically everything imaginable is on sale! Woo!

You can also train to be a Volunteer Animal Disaster Service Worker! This is a series of free classes organized by the SFDCPA, the same group who’s been giving “how to prepare yourself and your companion animal(s) for a disaster” seminars at different branches of the SFPL! The first class runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 1550 Bryant Street; register online or by phone at 415/ 970 2024. [via SF Appeal!]

Sunday, Sept. 26
Rocket Dog Rescue
is having a HUGE garage sale today at 1569 Custer Ave.  from 10 a.m. till it’s over! Come by to support us and get rad stuff! They’ll have TONS and TONS of goodies, including EVERYTHING YOU NEED and more! All the money goes directly to the dogs so you can feel like the good person that you are.

It’s also the second and last day of the Great Big Vegan Garage Sale! Today it’ll run from noon to 5 p.m., again at 3620 Wawona St. at 47th Avenue, and whatever wasn’t sold on Saturday MUST GO TODAY, so get on over to see what deals are left!

Today Cranky Boots Pops will debut at 331 Cortland! The storefront isn’t ready yet, so look out for a “custom paleta cart” from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wunderground predicts perfect popsicle weather, and SFoodie says two of the flavors are vegan (strawberry-basil and peach lemonade!), so if you’re looking for an alternative to MaggieMudd, how about a fruity pop?

Future Events you should prepare for!
The 11th Annual World Veg Fest is just one week away! It’s happening Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 2 and 3 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park at 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way. This year there will be a vegan fashion show, which includes designs by Vegansaurus favorite Vaute Couture (highly recommended!); and two rounds of speed-dating, segregated by age (your Vegansaurus feels uncomfortable about speed-dating), in addition to the many speakers, booksellers, food booths, and free samples. Entrance fee is $7, which is waived before 10:30 a.m.

Farm Sanctuary’s 2010 Walk for Animals, Berkeley edition is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 16; participants will meet at noon at the Berkeley Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center (2151 Martin Luther King Jr Wy.) for registration and some “fun activities,” and the walk begins at 1 p.m. For more information, contact the local coordinators, Karine Brighten and Gina Grega, or register now!


Food Fight! wants to know what kind of asshole eats a lamb?
Your Vegansaurus has answers, courtesy SFoodie and their proclamation that “Lamb Belly Is the Meat of the Moment”! Goodbye, pork belly, you are basically bacon and bacon is so played-out. Today you can tear into a little lamb’s tender tum at Betelnut, Gather, Hogs & Rocks, Lafitte, Mission Chinese Food, and SPQR. It’s a cheap cut of lamby-flesh, too, so hopefully it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to feed on baby sheep all season long. So to speak.

Food Fight! wants to know what kind of asshole eats a lamb?

Your Vegansaurus has answers, courtesy SFoodie and their proclamation that “Lamb Belly Is the Meat of the Moment”! Goodbye, pork belly, you are basically bacon and bacon is so played-out. Today you can tear into a little lamb’s tender tum at Betelnut, Gather, Hogs & Rocks, Lafitte, Mission Chinese Food, and SPQR. It’s a cheap cut of lamby-flesh, too, so hopefully it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to feed on baby sheep all season long. So to speak.

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