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An all-vegan campus cafeteria? Yep! Responding to the demand for more vegan food choices on campus, the University of North Texas has just set the bar higher. Taking students’ requests to heart, they have created a full-service vegan cafeteria, Mean Greens Dining Hall, believed to be the first in the nation! UNT’s dining services special projects director Ken Botts sees this as a trend that will eventually be catching on around the country. As Botts told Pegasus News:

…[E]verybody at some point in their day eats vegetables and a lot of them. What we also know is that not everybody everyday only eats meat.”

Bambi-hunting, craw-daddy-loving Texas has the first vegan campus cafeteria! No meat, no dairy, no kidding! Mean Greens is serving up things like roasted veggies, vegan sushi, asparagus soup, bananas foster, pancakes, fresh baked focaccia, paninis, a ridiculously awesome salad bar, vegan pizza, ice cream and more. It seems like a super nice place to be. I’m ready to go back to school.  As Cher says, “If I could turn back time…”

Sharon runs, a website dedicated to living a cruelty-free lifestyle where you’ll find vegan recipes and products, like vegan t-shirts and vegan shoes.


Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles!  »

I won’t get into the whole long boring story, but I’ve been staying in a company apartment on Fillmore for what feels like forever due to delays in processing my visa so I can go move to Australia. ANYWAY. I’ve found myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, having to eat out every meal and thought I’d exhausted my vegan options.

Last night it was late so I thought, oh I’ll order a vegan pizza from Amici’s, but apparently I fall within their racist map of delivery intolerance.  UGH. So after a little Yelp sleuthing I discover some vegan options in a most unexpected nearby place on Eddy and Fillmore Streets: Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles! [Ed.: this is a place Vegansaurus has been meaning to try for a long-ass time but we are lazy and the Fillmore is so far away]

WHAT? No seriously, they have vegan waffles! And they are good—the buckwheat kind, and they serve them with Earth Balance. (Aww, the menu calls it “Earth’s Balance.” Adorable.) There’s also a vegetarian plate; everything on it is vegan and it is MASSIVE.

We’re talking collard greens, black-eyed peas, spicy potatoes, red beans and rice, and corn bread. Good grief, my left arm is going a little numb just remembering it. They were out of the red beans when I went so I got extra greens, which may have been my favorite part.

Also, the employees there were so friendly and nice and kept trying to bring us free coffee. Oh, and they will serve black people there, which is always a bonus, AMICI’S. Those plates were clean by the end of the meal. Gotta get it in now, since I’m about to move to a country where soul food doesn’t really exist and they still find blackface amusing, apparently.

We’ll miss Sharon A LOT while she’s living it up down under. Was that gross? I can’t even tell anymore. Anyway, we look forward to visiting her (preferably during a 50-year storm!) and eating the entire continent out of its vegan food, dino-style!


Guest post: Book review: Vegan Brunch!  »

Apparently Laura was too busy “working” on more “important” things like “making the world a better place” this weekend to come to my birthday brunch. Okay, I guess that’s fair. But as Isa Chandra Moskowitz asserts in her dedication page of her new cookbook Vegan Brunch, “Scrambled tofu saves lives!” So I was doing my part as well in testing out a few recipes from the book.

I had already learned that when invited to a vegan potluck brunch, inexperienced omnivores will bring fruit—they don’t know what we crazy vegans can eat for breakfast! So I needed to wow them with some savory dishes.

Diner Home Fries (pg. 177) did the trick. It’s a good solid potato dish that may not be fancy, but it’s the perfect anchor to any good brunch. I upped the “wow” factor with Sauteed Collards and Spinach (pg. 143) complete with homemade Italian Feast Sausages (pg. 140).

The sausages were my favorite part, as you feel a little bit like a mad scientist or magician creating them. I recommend making them the night before, as it’s a bit of a time investment. I won’t give the recipe away [Vegansaurus respects copyright laws!], but it involves vital wheat gluten and all kinds of spices. You form your dough into mildly obscene sausage shapes, wrap them in foil, and steam.

When they’re done, slice them up, fry them in oil, and serve with mixed with greens or potatoes. Or, just gobble them up as is, by the fistful.

The overall fan favorite dish was the Pesto Scrambled Tofu with Grape Tomatoes (pg. 26); but then, it’s really hard to go wrong with fresh basil.

Vegan Brunch has no shortage of sweet dishes as well. If I hadn’t run out of pans, I would have also made the Brazilian French Toast (pg. 102), which sounds contradictory, but looks amazing. And there are so many waffle recipes I’m thinking of investing in an iron.

Vegan Brunch is worth it for the food porn alone, and the recipes are solid with some old favorites, and inspired new ideas. Next up I want to try the Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes (pg. 132)!

Many thanks to Sharon for another excellent and delicious post! Do not click through to her Flickr unless you want to be very jealous of all the amazing food she eats. SO HUNGRY.

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