OMG Farm Sanctuary, you need to stop. Your FB is out of control and I’m going to die from the cuteness. This lil’ baby is a big pink mess of hilarity and adorableness. Cut. It. Out. 

OMG Farm Sanctuary, you need to stop. Your FB is out of control and I’m going to die from the cuteness. This lil’ baby is a big pink mess of hilarity and adorableness. Cut. It. Out. 


I saw on Farm Sanctuary’s FB that they just welcomed two new babies into the family! Look at this silly baby, her pants don’t fit! Can you say high-waters? Good luck with your new twins, Dolly!

I saw on Farm Sanctuary’s FB that they just welcomed two new babies into the family! Look at this silly baby, her pants don’t fit! Can you say high-waters? Good luck with your new twins, Dolly!


This is ridiculous! Run, rabbit, run! Why is this rabbit chasing these sheep?! He’s cray! And why are these sheep so scared of a little rabbit?! JK, I’m scared of this rabbit too! He’s nuts!

First I thought the song was cute, then I thought it was about eating rabbits, then I realized it’s actually about trying to prevent rabbits from being eaten. I’m just letting you know so you can save yourself that emotional journey. 


Animal Place has a new family member! This is Carmen, a poor little lamb whose broken, infected leg needed to be amputated. Luckily, she has a new leg and a new lease on life! Huzzah! I didn’t realize sheep were so sensitive. Her mom was scared of Carmen and now the new flock is scared of her special leg! She seems spunky enough for the challenge though. I think she will make friends! This reminds me of the little elephant who needed the prosthetic leg from late last year.

You can contribute to Carmen’s continued care by donating over at Animal Place. May all the baby animals get all the legs they need!


Wool Week: This should not be a thing  »

So I’m totally sick and tripping balls on NyQuil Walgreen’s Multi-Symptom Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief over here, but I can’t pass out till I tell you about this actual UK thing called “Wool Week.” Visitors to this highly anticipated annual event (which occurred last week so I’m a little behind JEEZ CUT ME SOME SLACK OKAY) got to view “art,” including “woolen ‘eggs’” (WTF is that supposed to be?) and a goddamned red carpet, made of wool, natch.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am glad Wool Week is “baa…ck.” Apparently, mulesing needed its own week of validation in addition to the millions of wool-producing sheep who endure this extremely painful procedure each year. Well, there you go, mulesing—and nasty-ass breeding practices, for good measure. Is all this suffering really worth the sweaters it produces? #synthetics4all

P.S. Sheep are not color-blind, in case you were wondering.


Super great artist Christo may make sheep sad!  »

I love Christo,* like love love love. Like want to wrap him up in a fake silk tarp and keep him on my mantle.** He’s the mother-loving man. BUT I do NOT like art projects that bother animals! There is a big debate over Christo’s latest project, "Over the River," as it may displace/disrupt/harm the bighorn sheep in Colorado. In typical Christo style, they want to “suspend 5.9 miles of silvery, luminous fabric panels high above the Arkansas River along a 42-mile stretch of the river between Salida and Cañon City in south-central Colorado.”*** But apparently, bighorn sheep have delicate constitutions and people fear the disruption to the environment will totally freak them out; According to a former president of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society,**** “sheep are a stress-sensitive species and are susceptible to large die-offs when conditions are not favorable.” Bad!

But Christo thinks the bighorns will be fine! And he’s “offered to provide ‘substantial funds’ for bighorn sheep habitat enhancement projects.” When Christo says substantial funds, he means SUBSTANTIAL funds. Homeboy is paid. That’s actually one thing I really like about him—he gets no government subsidizing for his projects, even though they are a huge boom to tourism (not to mention totally awesome). Funds for Over the River, which is expected to cost $50 million,***** will be raised in the same way he gets all his money: “through the sale of the preparatory studies, early works from the ’50s and ’60s and original lithographs on other subjects.” Damn, son. That’s a lot of [daiya] cheddar for some sketches and random shit wrapped in burlap.

As for supporters of the project, some people are like, um, the hanging fabric will be nice for them! It will provide shade! And other people are like, um, we put a damn highway and railroad there and the sheep are still chilling. And still more are like, um, we totally hunt bighorn sheep every year, why are you suddenly worried about them when you routinely sanction their murder? Of course while I see the validity of that last point, my solution is to outlaw hunting! Yay! Dishes are done. Got any other problems for me to solve? Oh right, there’s this art thing. I don’t know, I’m kind of like, maybe he shouldn’t do it because I think animals trump art. Or maybe they can test a little area and see how the sheep react? Because that’s the thing, no one actually knows how the sheep will react. Maybe bighorn sheep are super into conceptual art. Who can say. Thoughts?

BONUS! Christo’s Wrapped Islands:

*Did you know Jeanne-Claude, Christo’s partner, died in ‘09? I didn’t and I feel like a big jerk. So sad.
**Yeah I have a mantle, I fucking rule.
***I’m no cartographer but those numbers seem a little off, no?
****How can I get down with THAT party?
*****Holy. Cannoli.


University of Texas is torturing animals: how you can help!  »

Peta, everyone’s favorite, just exposed the disgusting treatment of animals in the University of Texas labs. It’s REALLY disturbing: they are giving sheep spinal cord injuries, burning pigs’ skin with Bunsen burners, and cutting up dogs’ colons. USEFUL and HELPFUL, for sure.

It takes one minute to email the university president with Peta’s email form. Peta has filed a complaint with the USDA. We’ll see what happens, but in the meantime please take a moment to email UT.

[Images from]


Religious festivals provide new and fun ways to torture Australian sheep!  »

Because Australian sheep don’t suffer enough (see mulesing), Australian farmers ship them live to the “Middle East”* so they can be brutalized and then killed for Eid al Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice. For this year’s festival, Animals Australia investigators were onsite in Kuwait and Bahrain to document the cruelty, and caught some really effed shit. Shipping live animals is awful all on its own, but then once they get there, these sheep are sold on the street and chained to cars and whatnot to bring home to “sacrifice.” The picture above is one of many shocking photos; here we have sheep being forced into the trunk of a car to transport to someone’s home to be killed. Seriously, this picture makes me ill.

The Jerusalem Post has a really great article on Muslim vegetarians and how they view the holiday. It seems people question whether one can be Muslim and be vegetarian but the Post writes, “Liberal clerics, such as American scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, point to Islamic oral traditions to justify vegetarianism. ‘Traditionally Muslims were semi-vegetarians,’ Yusuf claimed in religious audio tape. ‘Umar [the second Muslim Caliph] said: “Beware of meat, because it has an addiction like the addiction of wine”.’” And Muslims are generally pretty down on wine.

In a bit of good news, it looks like vegetarians aren’t the only people skipping the sacrifice; according to the article, some meat-loving people are forgoing the sacrifice for purely economic reasons—meat is expensive and prices have gone up. Still, they say 800,000 sheep were shipped from Australia this year for the festival. If they really want sheep, can’t someone raise them closer to Kuwait or something? And if they really want to sacrifice sheep, can’t they treat them with some decency before they kill them? If an animal is being murdered for you, you could at least be grateful.

*I don’t think we call it that anymore? I couldn’t find a definite preferred term. [Ed. The term has become pretty firmly entrenched, even in the area itself. Maybe West Asia as a substitute?]


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